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Meghan Markle’s Plastic Surgery


Meghan Markle’s Plastic Surgery


Meghan Markle’s natural appearance may not be what it seems! The  Hollywood actress’ high school yearbook picture went viral and it sparked debate about her changing looks.  The royal has definitely had rhinoplasty, according to three of the country’s top plastic surgeons.

There’s no doubt Meghan looks stunning now, more than she did as a teenager, and it’s not just that she’s gotten better at applying makeup. When you compare these pictures side by side, you can safely assume that she (like almost any other star we’ve looked at) had work done on her nose.

Dr. Matthew Schulman, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City, has not operated on Markle, but after seeing this shot, he told Radar, “It does appear that Meghan has had a cosmetic nasal surgery.”


“Her current nose is more narrow in the bridge and her nasal tip is smaller, suggestive of a rhinoplasty.”

Dr. Stephen Grifka shares this viewpoint. “It looks like the bridge of the nose has been narrowed, along with attempts to refine the tip, which is done by sculpting the nasal cartilage. From the frontal view, it looks like a nice result,” he told the National Enquirer.

Rhinoplasties aim to subtly divert your focus to the eyes and mouth, as we’ve seen in these Before and Afters, which is clearly helpful because the work is all about facial expressions.

The verdict is also out on injectables. “Can she be using a little Botox? Maybe,” says Dr. Adam Hamawy. I suspect that may account for her lowered brows, which give her oblong face a more balanced, youthful look.

Meghan is motivating her followers to have lookalike operations, whether or not she has changed her body. Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg told Allure, “Today she is probably one of the top, if not the number one, request that I am getting from patients hoping to look like their favourite celebrities,” Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg revealed to Allure. “Let’s face it, she’s gorgeous but also comes off as the girl next door. I think patients find the natural quality of her nose and face as a whole to be most appealing.”

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