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Marjorie Taylor Greene ridiculed for Claim That Working Out Is Her ‘Covid Protection’



Marjorie Taylor Greene ridiculed for Claim That Working Out Is Her ‘Covid Protection’


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican, has stirred up further controversy by uploading a video of herself exercising on social media and saying, “This is my Covid protection.”

Greene, who previously compared vaccination passports to the entirely fictitious “mark of the beast” idea, posted a short clip to social media on Thursday in which she can be seen doing a series of dubious workouts.

“This is my Covid protection,” she wrote, with a flexed-arm emoji and the hashtag #MakeAmericaHealthyAgain.

This is, of course, a play on Donald Trump’s famous campaign slogan.

She also drew attention to her proposed new bill, the “#FireFauci Act,” which would cut Dr. Anthony Fauci’s salary and ban vaccine passports to “prevent discrimination against the unvaccinated,” as she explains in a follow-up post.


The House of Representatives decided in February to remove Greene from her committee responsibilities.

Twitter users have no qualms about utilizing their freedom to call out her declaration’s ridiculousness and ignorance.

“When you get kicked off all your committees for advocating killing Democrats, you have to find a way to kill time,” one Twitter user stated.

“luv covid doesn’t give a fuck if u do crossfit,” commented another.

A third enquired: “So how did @TheRock get it if working out protects you? You. Are. A. Fucking. No. Nothing. Idiot. @mtgreenee ”

“Pretending the germ theory of disease isn’t real to own the libs. @mtgreenee is basically a standup comedian whose shtick is spreading disease and fascism, but at taxpayer’s expense. “Try the veal! Fire Fauci! I’ll be here all week!”” posted George Hahn.

Being jacked or throwing yourself about on a pullup bar like “a a wild salmon trying to escape a grizzly bear” does not render you immune to a respiratory viral illness. The coronavirus is spread by respiratory droplets between persons who are in close contact, according to the World Health Organization. The CDC also advises gym-goers to wear masks, maintain a safe social distance, and choose “low-intensity activities over high-intensity activities when indoors.” This is due to the fact that when you exercise, you exhale and inhale bigger volumes of air, according to two scientists who spoke with NBC News.

The United States has seen over 30 million cases of Covid-19 and over 553,000 deaths, the majority of which occurred during Mr Trump’s erratic and chaotic presidency, during which he advocated injecting bleach as a treatment and caught the disease himself before seeing it ravage the White House.

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