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Will Smith wanted a ‘harem of girlfriends’ including Halle Berry, Misty Copeland


Will Smith wanted a ‘harem of girlfriends’ including Halle Berry, Misty Copeland


Will Smith, the rapper known for “Big Willie Style,” has admitted in a recent November GQ cover story that he once dreamed of having a harem of girlfriends consisting of 20 women, including Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry and famed ballerina Misty Copeland.

He confessed that the idea of traveling with women he loved and cared for was appealing to him as a teenager.

The dad of three shared that he discussed his theoretical harem with life coach Michaela Boehm as an exercise.

While he considered reaching out to Berry and Copeland to tell them about his vision, he later realized that wasn’t the point.

Working through the notion helped him let go of baggage he held onto from his strict Christian upbringing.

Boehm’s process allowed him to understand that it was okay to be himself and have impure thoughts without feeling like a bad person.


Smith elaborated, “That was really the process that Michaela worked me through to let me realize that my thoughts were not sins and even acting on an impure thought didn’t make me a piece of s–t.”

Smith also revealed that his relationship with wife Jada Pinkett, whom he shares two children with, started out monogamous but has evolved throughout their decades-long marriage.

While Jada never believed in conventional marriage, Smith said they had significant discussions about what relational perfection is and that for the most part, they chose monogamy.

Their open setup has been crucial to the longevity of their partnership, and Smith believes that the experiences and freedoms that they’ve given each other and the unconditional support are the highest definition of love.

He also noted that a marriage shouldn’t feel like a prison and doesn’t suggest their road for anybody.

The admission of Smith’s dream of a harem of girlfriends has caught many by surprise, but his openness and honesty about his thoughts and feelings have also been met with praise.

The idea of a harem presents numerous ethical issues, but Smith’s experience with Boehm highlights the importance of being honest with oneself and working through personal struggles.

Smith has a memoir, “Will,” set to be released in November, where readers can expect more candid revelations about his life and experiences.

His openness about his relationship with Pinkett and his past fantasies show that even celebrities face challenges in their personal lives and that it’s essential to be honest and work through them.

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