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Kim Kardashian admits getting Botox in her neck


Kim Kardashian admits getting Botox in her neck


Kim Kardashian, the founder of SKIMS, has admitted to getting Botox injections in her neck.

In a recent clip from season 3 of The Kardashians shared on sister Khloé’s Snapchat, the reality star revealed that she received the injections after revealing she and her family are recording an album together.

During a singing lesson, a vocal coach tells her, “I’m using muscles in the neck.” Kardashian responded, “Half of mine are probably Botoxed so I can’t…” before they both laughed about it.

Botox injections in the neck are meant to paralyze the neck muscles, which reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

This is not the first time that Kardashian has talked about her skincare routine in public.

In 2019, she gave her Instagram followers a behind-the-scenes look at her neck laser treatment while visiting the Skin Thesis skincare clinic in West Hollywood.


She tested out Skin Thesis’ 4D Tightening Laser, which builds collagen from the inside.

According to the clinic’s Instagram, the treatment uses a 4D laser called Fotona4D that stimulates collagen, remodels the skin, and adds volume without injectables.

Last year, the mogul also opened up about cosmetic procedures when discussing her nine-step skincare line SKKN by Kim.

She said that she’ll “do anything to look and feel youthful.” Her skincare routine is rounded out by laser treatments that she indulges in after her kids have all gone to bed for the night.

“I really, genuinely care about looking good,” she told Allure for the magazine’s August 2022 cover story.

“It’s not easy when you’re a mom and you’re exhausted at the end of the day or you’re in school, and I’m all of the above.”

However, Kardashian clarified that she’s never had filler in her cheeks or lips, and she doesn’t have eyelash extensions.

A bit of Botox in her forehead is all she has in her face.

“But I’ve chilled, actually,” she said of her Botox routine.

“No filler.

Never filled either one, ever,” she concluded when asked about her lips and cheeks.

Kardashian is no stranger to cosmetic treatments, and she has been open about her experiences with them.

She has also faced criticism for promoting unrealistic beauty standards.

In 2019, she posted a video on Instagram Stories that showed her hand appearing to be smaller than it actually was, leading some to speculate that she had used Photoshop or other image editing software to alter the size of her body parts.

Despite the criticism, Kardashian has continued to promote her brand and share her beauty routines with her followers.

She has also used her platform to advocate for criminal justice reform and other social causes.

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