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‘Steven Seagal treated me as a s-x toy’


‘Steven Seagal treated me as a s-x toy’


A former model claimed that she was treated like a “s** toy” by actor Steven Seagal and was kept in his Louisiana home for six days against her will.

Kayden Nguyen, who thought she was hired to be Seagal’s executive assistant, said that the actor chased her with a flashlight attached to a gun when she finally managed to escape.

Nguyen filed a lawsuit in Superior Court claiming that on the day she was hired last February, she was informed that she was intended to replace one of two Russian “attendants” who were on staff to serve Seagal’s s**ual needs 24/7.

She said that Seagal demanded a “massage,” and then s**ually attacked her.

Nguyen complained the next morning, but nothing was done to address the issue.

She said that Seagal came back for more just hours after she complained, forcing her legs apart and shoving his hands down her pants.

She also claimed that she was forced to take illegal pills before she could get away from him.

In order to escape, Nguyen had to convince Seagal that her family would worry about her safety if she didn’t meet up with them.

She left behind everything of value she owned, including her car keys, a laptop, clothes, and “hundreds of dollars worth of makeup.”

Nguyen refused to sign a release promising not to sue for the alleged s**ual assault and was told that she couldn’t get her stuff back until she did so.

She claimed that Seagal committed offenses such as s**ual harassment, illegal trafficking of females for s**, and retaliation.

She is seeking at least $1 million in damages.

Seagal’s attorney, Marty Singer, denied Nguyen’s allegations, calling them “absurd.” He said that the claims were a “complete fabrication,” and that Seagal had never met her before.

Singer added that he believed the lawsuit was part of an effort to extort money from the actor.

However, Nguyen’s attorney, Daniel Horowitz, said that his client had passed a lie detector test and had text messages that proved her claims.

He also said that there were witnesses who could back up her story.

Nguyen’s lawsuit is the latest in a series of s**ual harassment allegations against high-profile men in the entertainment industry.

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