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Mia Khalifa goes br*less in stunning pictures


Mia Khalifa goes br*less in stunning pictures


Social media influencer Mia Khalifa, who gained notoriety in the adult entertainment industry, recently shared a series of provocative images on her Instagram account that left her 27.7 million followers stunned.

The caption for the photos simply read, “Oh, hi.” In the images, Mia appeared braless, revealing her cleavage.

Despite leaving the adult entertainment industry, Mia has managed to maintain a huge following on social media.

She regularly shares photos and moments from her life, keeping her fans engaged and entertained.

However, Mia’s recent post was particularly attention-grabbing, with many of her followers commenting on her stunning appearance. The images went viral, with netizens commenting on her beauty and sex appeal.


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In addition to the buzz generated by Mia’s photos, the influencer also made headlines for a recent hacking incident.

According to media outlet ETimes, a group of hackers took over Egypt’s Education Directorate’s Facebook page and posted a message demanding that Mia be appointed as an education advisor in Egypt.

The hackers posted a message alongside Mia’s photo, stating, “We demand Minister of Education Dr. Reda Hegazy appoint Dr. Mia Khalifa as an advisor for educational development.”

The incident garnered attention in the media, with many questioning the motives behind the hack and the demand for Mia’s appointment.

Despite the attention generated by the hacking incident, it was Mia’s braless photos that really got people talking.

Netizens were quick to comment on the images, with many expressing their admiration for her beauty and sex appeal.

Some users commented on Mia’s confidence, praising her for being comfortable in her own skin and unafraid to show off her body.

Others criticized the images as being overly sexualized and objectifying, suggesting that they perpetuate harmful stereotypes about women.

Despite the mixed reactions to the images, it’s clear that Mia remains a popular figure on social media.

Her large following and ability to generate buzz with her posts make her a force to be reckoned with in the world of social media influencers.

As always, Mia’s fans will be eagerly awaiting her next post, hoping for more glimpses into her life and more opportunities to admire her beauty and charm.

Whether or not Mia chooses to continue sharing provocative images on social media remains to be seen, but it’s clear that she has a loyal following that will support her no matter what she chooses to do.

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