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‘How I was sold as s-x slave by my own family’


‘How I was sold as s-x slave by my own family’


Jessa Dillow Crisp, a Canadian woman from Toronto, was sold as a s** slave by her own family when she was just a little girl.

She was molested by family members from a young age and by the time she was elementary-school-aged, they were letting child pornographers take photos of her and forcing her to have s** with strangers in exchange for money.

Jessa worked as a hotel maid during the day and was s** trafficked at night.

She wasn’t even allowed to go to school.

Jessa revealed how she finally escaped at age 21 with the help of a stranger who spotted the ‘red flags’ of her abuse.

After years of abuse, she met a woman in Kansas City, who realized that she needed help and slipped her her phone number – ultimately saving her life.

Jessa was able to flee to a safe house in Colorado with the help of the woman whose identity is unknown.

She lived there for a while, but when her Visa expired, she went back to Canada.

Jessa decided to move to Vancouver – as far away from her family as possible.

After settling down in Vancouver, Jessa met a woman during a church breakfast event who had her gang-raped.

But thankfully, Jessa was able to escape once again, and she went back to the Colorado safe house.

She was then adopted by a couple who were on the board of the safe house.

Jessa moved back to America on April 16, 2010.

She then got her GED and enrolled in college.

She graduated in 2017 with a 4.0 GPA.

She got married to a guy named John – whom she met in college – in June 2015.

Together, they started an organization called BridgeHope – an anti-trafficking nonprofit organization that helps boys and trans children who are being trafficked.

Jessa shares that she always wanted to go to school, saying, “Looking outside my bedroom window, there was an elementary school there.

So, whenever I stood at my window, I could always see the school and always see these kids playing.

I have been taught that little girls don’t go to school.

That their only purpose in life is to be used for s**.”

Jessa met a woman when she was 21 who quickly noticed something was wrong and helped her escape.

Jessa explained, “She gave me her phone number and told me to memorize it.” Jessa also said, “I like to tell people that you need to keep your eyes open because a lot of people who are being trafficked and exploited don’t look like the people that media shows.

I wasn’t able to escape.”

One night, Jessa was invited by a woman she had just met to watch hockey at her apartment.

But according to Jessa, the woman had her gang-raped by a group of guys who were waiting inside.

Jessa shares, “She stood in front of the door when we got inside and she said, ‘My name is not the name you know me by.’ And in her bedroom, she had me gang-raped.

The gang-rape was the breaking process.

She had groomed me up until that point.

But she broke me.”

Jessa was able to recover and move forward with her life.

She shared, “Although I have seen things that no one should ever see and I have experienced things that no one should ever experience, my beginnings do not define me.

I refuse to let the evil of my past win.

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