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‘How I escaped being a s-x slave after 4 years’


‘How I escaped being a s-x slave after 4 years’


In the underbelly of New York City, a dark and hidden trade thrives, preying upon vulnerable women who are trafficked from Latin America and, more recently, China.

These victims find themselves trapped in a world of brothels, massage parlors, and forced prostitution, with little hope of escape.

The true scale of this tragedy is difficult to gauge, as language barriers, fear of law enforcement, and the menacing presence of vengeful pimps deter victims from coming forward.

Recently, a major breakthrough occurred when eight members of a notorious gang of pimps, known as the Rendon-Reyes gang, pleaded guilty to charges of racketeering, s** trafficking of minors, and human smuggling.

This family-run criminal enterprise had terrorized and exploited countless girls and women for over a decade.

Now, facing life imprisonment, justice may finally be served.

Sanctuary for Families’ Anti-Trafficking Initiative has been at the forefront of combating this issue.

Last year alone, they interviewed 356 suspected victims of s** trafficking in Queens and Brooklyn, a significant increase from the previous year’s 245.

Lori Cohen, a dedicated lawyer and director of the initiative, leads the charge in providing support and assistance to survivors of this heinous crime.

Sandra, a brave survivor who wishes to protect her identity, is one of the many women whose life was forever altered by the horrors of s** slavery.

Kidnapped from her impoverished hometown in central Mexico at the tender age of 19, she was coerced into the s** trade, enduring unimaginable suffering for four long years.

In 2011, she managed to escape her captor and found solace in the unwavering support of Sanctuary for Families.

Since then, she has received vital counseling, legal aid, and healthcare to help rebuild her shattered life.

Reflecting on her harrowing experience, Sandra shares her story, shedding light on the darkness that engulfed her existence.

Each day was a desperate struggle to survive, as she was compelled to engage with as many as 30 men.

Dressed provocatively and under the control of her pimp, Alfredo, Sandra was shuttled around various neighborhoods, such as Corona, Jackson Heights, and occasionally Brooklyn, with different drivers each week.

The worst days took her far beyond the boundaries of New York City, venturing into Long Island and Connecticut.

These excursions provided no respite, as she endured a grueling 16-hour ordeal in Boston, encountering an astonishing 80 men.

Throughout her captivity, Alfredo subjected her to physical abuse, starvation, and deprivation of even the most basic necessities.

The drivers he collaborated with shamelessly promoted women through explicit “chica cards” distributed to potential clients, emerging from seedy nightclubs in Queens and Brooklyn.

Compounding her misery, Sandra was forced to distribute these cards herself, often bearing pictures of n^de women or disguised as innocent advertisements for children’s birthday parties.

However, everyone knew their true purpose: arranging transactions that treated women as commodities, delivered to clients’ doorsteps like pizzas.

Among the customers were not only day laborers but also well-dressed individuals in suits.

The price for their desires ranged from $35 for Spanish speakers to $45 for those who conversed in English.

These men felt entitled to exploit Sandra in any way they desired.

It is a common misconception that prostitutes derive pleasure from their work.

Sandra emphatically debunks this fallacy, emphasizing that her life was a never-ending cycle of rape and degradation.

She reiterates that she was not directly connected to the Rendon-Reyes gang but firmly believes that their tactics were strikingly similar to those used against her.

Fearful for her family’s safety, she complied with Alfredo’s demands, fully aware that defying him would result in severe consequences, possibly leading to the murder of her loved ones.

Sandra’s upbringing in a destitute Mexican town paints a picture of the hardships that ultimately made her susceptible to the clutches of exploitation.

The crushing weight of poverty and hunger plagued her large family, comprising 16 siblings.

She had to abandon her education after completing only the sixth grade, devoting herself to assisting her mother.

At 16, she began working exhausting hours in a shoe factory, earning a mere $4 for an 11-hour shift.

Fate intervened when Sandra crossed paths with Alfredo, a chance encounter that would forever shatter her innocence.

Initially, he presented himself as a potential employer, seeking assistance for his older brother’s cellphone store.

Sandra innocently provided her contact information, unaware of the devastating consequences that awaited her.

A few days later, Alfredo called, offering her the job.

Little did she know that this phone call would lead her down a path of unending torment.

A bus trip to meet Alfredo’s family, ostensibly a journey lasting 30 minutes, quickly spiraled into a nightmare.

Sandra’s trust in him waned as hours passed without reaching their destination, darkness descending upon her anxiety.

With mounting panic, she realized she was far from her familiar surroundings, having never left her small town prior to this ill-fated voyage.

Compounding her distress, Alfredo forced her to deceive her mother over the phone, confirming that all was well.

The momentary relief she felt upon hearing her mother’s voice quickly soured as she faced her mother’s harsh words of disapproval.

Dawn broke as they arrived in Mexico City, a city teeming with unknown dangers.

Alfredo made a call, uttering the chilling words, “I’m here with the girl.” Exhausted and hungry, Sandra’s journey was far from over.

Alfredo’s sister welcomed them into a large house in Tenancingo, unbeknownst to Sandra that this town served as the world’s epicenter for s** trafficking.

New houses and luxury cars dotted the landscape, flaunting the wealth amassed through this despicable trade.

A chilling Easter parade showcased pimps parading with their exploited victims along the main street.

Forced into a cramped room upstairs, Sandra received a package of ill-fitting skirts and a small packet of birth control pills.

Bewildered, she couldn’t comprehend why they were given to her.

Soon, Alfredo entered the room, tearing off her jeans and violating her body.

It was a brutal introduction to a life of s**ual exploitation, marked by unrelenting violence and unimaginable pain.

Days turned into an agonizing routine of confinement, starvation, and relentless s**ual abuse.

Alfredo’s sister orchestrated their movements, ensuring the deliveries of women to clients while taking part in the prostitution herself.

The inevitable moment arrived when Sandra was introduced to La Merced, the infamous red-light district.

Placed on a corner alongside other girls, clad in short skirts and layers of makeup, she was assigned a price of 150 pesos (approximately $8) for a mere 15 minutes.

Each encounter required lifting her skirt, but additional requests demanded further payment.

A significant portion of her earnings, around 45 pesos, was confiscated by the exploitative hotel managers.

She was expected to clear 1,500 pesos each day, a daunting and dehumanizing target.

The men who approached Sandra were well aware of her vulnerability, recognizing her as fresh prey.

Their leering eyes and crude chants of “Carne fresca” served as a constant reminder of her newly acquired status.

Initially serving only five men, her workload steadily increased to an unbearable 30 encounters per day.

Alfredo, seeking to maximize profits, forbade Sandra from abstaining during her menstruation.

Instead, she was forced to insert a sponge soaked in alcohol, trapped in a state of continuous pain and humiliation.

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