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‘He f***ed me 27 times in one day’


‘He f***ed me 27 times in one day’


Nollywood actress Monalisa Stephen has recently revealed that her boyfriend engaged in s**ual intercourse with her twenty-seven times in one day.

The plus-sized model made this revelation during an interview with Love or Lies, where she discussed intimate details of her s** life.

Despite the tiring experience, Monalisa admitted that she enjoyed every bit of it.

“He fucked me 27 times; we were just together and it happened.

One particular day I went to see him, and he fucked me 27 times,” she said.

The interviewer was shocked by her response and probed further, asking if it was a marathon or a hallelujah challenge.

Monalisa clarified that it wasn’t a marathon and that they spent the entire day together.

They had s** around the house, everywhere, but her boyfriend did not ejaculate all the time.

“In between he stopped, we watched movies continued the entire 24 hours, I counted it, and it was 27 times,” she added.

This revelation has caused a stir on social media, with many people expressing surprise and disbelief.

Some have questioned the authenticity of Monalisa’s claim, while others have criticized her for discussing such intimate details in public.

Monalisa, however, remains unbothered by the criticism, stating that she is simply being honest about her experiences.

She believes that people should be free to talk about s** without judgment or shame.

In the interview, Monalisa also discussed her preference for well-endowed men, stating that size matters to her.

She revealed that she had dated men with smaller penises before but found the experience unsatisfactory.

“p-nis size matters to me.

I have dated men with small penises before, and it’s not what I want.

It’s not satisfying,” she said.

Monalisa’s openness about her sexuality has earned her a reputation as one of Nollywood’s most controversial actresses.

She has previously spoken about her love for s** and how she enjoys exploring her sexuality.

Despite the backlash, Monalisa remains unapologetic about her views.

She believes that women should be allowed to express themselves s**ually without fear of judgment or condemnation.

“I am a very s**ual person, and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

s** should not be a taboo subject, and women should not be ashamed to talk about it,” she said.

Monalisa’s revelation has sparked a debate on social media about what constitutes a healthy s**ual relationship.

Some have praised her for being open and honest, while others have criticized her for promoting unhealthy s**ual practices.

Regardless of the criticism, Monalisa remains confident in her sexuality and her ability to express herself freely.

She hopes that her openness will encourage other women to do the same and break down the stigma surrounding female sexuality.

“I want women to know that they can be open about their sexuality and not be judged for it.

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