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Dolly Parton’s husband wants 3some with Jen Aniston


Dolly Parton’s husband wants 3some with Jen Aniston


Dolly Parton’s husband, Carl Dean Thomas, has expressed his desire for his wife and Jennifer Aniston to be more than just creative collaborators.

The country legend, who has been married to Thomas for 52 years, shared her husband’s enthusiasm for getting to know the Friends alum, who stars in the new Netflix film Dumplin’.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Parton revealed that her husband is “crazy about her [Aniston],” adding that he was “more excited…than he was that I got the chance to write all this music”.

She also joked that her husband fantasises about having a threesome with both of them.

Parton’s quip elicited a hilarious response from Fallon, who collapsed on the ground and crawled away on all fours.

In a recent cover story for PEOPLE magazine, Parton opened up about her struggles with weight, aging, working with Brad Pitt’s ex, and her relationship with her husband.

She revealed that they enjoy each other’s company and appreciate the little things they do together.

She also joked that “the key to my long marriage and lasting love” is “Stay gone!”.

Parton went on to reminisce about their early courtship, revealing that when they first met, her husband took her out to dinner at McDonald’s.

They also have a few favourite spots where they can go without being bothered.

Although Parton enjoys looking glamorous, she appreciates that her husband sees her inner beauty, saying that “He doesn’t care what I wear as long as I’m happy”.

Dumplin’, which tells the story of an overweight teenager who finds confidence through Parton’s music, is now available to stream on Netflix.

Parton wrote several songs for the film, including “Girl in the Movies” and “Red Shoes”.

Aniston, who worked with Parton on the film, has previously spoken highly of the country singer.

In an interview with InStyle, Aniston said that Parton “represents everything that is good in this world”.

She went on to describe her as “a living angel” and a “beacon of light”.

Parton has also received praise for her philanthropic work, particularly her Imagination Library program, which provides free books to children under the age of five.

The program has distributed over 100 million books to children in the US, Canada, and the UK.

Parton’s husband’s comments about Aniston have caused a stir on social media, with many fans expressing their amusement and disbelief.

Some have even suggested that Parton and Aniston should team up for a movie or TV show.

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