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Charlie Sheen’s nasty addiction to prostitutes and drugs


Charlie Sheen’s nasty addiction to prostitutes and drugs


Charlie Sheen’s former aide has shed light on the tumultuous life of the actor following his HIV diagnosis, revealing details of his involvement with prostitutes and drug use.

The individual, who wishes to remain unidentified, recently engaged in an interview with Australian radio station KIIS 1065.

This conversation followed Sheen’s shocking disclosure of his HIV-positive status during an appearance on the American show Today.

While the actor asserts that he has ceased drug consumption and is striving to adopt a healthier lifestyle, his former assistant divulged the realities of his existence subsequent to the diagnosis.

According to the anonymous source, Sheen prefers to seclude himself within a confined space in his lavish $20 million residence.

Within this secluded area, he indulges in undisclosed activities, maintaining a dark corner that was once devoted to drug usage.


The assistant explained that Sheen’s survival is sustained by consuming n^ked Juices while being holed up in this solitary environment.

It was also revealed that the actor possesses a staff at his disposal, although he rarely ventures outside, instead stockpiling cash within his premises for procuring drugs and the services of escorts.

The former personal assistant further disclosed that Sheen, on occasions when he developed a fondness for specific escorts, would pay them exorbitant sums of up to $50,000.

These payments were made not only for s**ual encounters but also for companionship.

The assistant conveyed a sense of melancholy surrounding Sheen’s life, describing it as forlorn and pitiful.

Despite residing in opulent surroundings, the actor’s existence is characterized by seclusion and solitude.

The assistant ultimately reached a breaking point and resigned from her position due to the overwhelming toll it took on her mental and physical well-being.

She likened her experience to being part of a circus, explaining the relentless nature of the job, which provided no respite.

It is worth noting that individuals who signed a contract allegedly issued by Sheen, as obtained by InTouch Weekly, are strictly forbidden from disclosing any “confidential information.”

Failure to adhere to this agreement would result in severe legal repercussions, including a hefty fine of $100,000 payable to the actor.

During a recent interview with journalist Matt Lauer, the 50-year-old actor admitted to being a victim of blackmail and confessed to spending over $10 million in efforts to conceal his HIV-positive status.

When questioned about his plans for the future following this explosive revelation, Sheen expressed a sense of resilience, stating, “Though the situation is not ideal, it will eventually improve. I am a survivor.”

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