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Actor was ‘disgusted’ by his own masturbati0n scene


Actor was ‘disgusted’ by his own masturbati0n scene


Netflix’s psychological thriller, You, has been making waves since its first season.

The show follows a serial killer obsessed with someone, and it has been renewed for a fourth season.

Penn Badgley, the star of the show, revealed that the upcoming season would be different from the previous ones.

Season 3 of You continued Joe’s story after he discovered Love’s murderous side and tried to maintain their marriage while raising their new baby.

However, their relationship soon became strained after Love had an affair with a neighbor, and Joe developed an obsession with Marienne Bellamy.

In the season finale, Joe kills Love and leaves their son in Madre Linda, adopts a new identity, and goes to Paris to look for Marienne.

Badgley’s performance stood out, particularly the masturbation scene, which he found to be quite challenging.

The scene features Joe masturbating in a place where anyone can see him, which shocked many viewers.

The director wanted to film the scene with Badgley’s eyes closed, but the actor refused, saying that the experience was supposed to be disturbing.

Badgley had his eyes open, but the director found it too creepy.

The character is creepy itself, so Badgley leaned into the characteristic.

The public masturbation scene did not help Badgley’s opinion of the character.

He believed that Joe was irredeemable, and before he wanted him to die.

According to We the Pvblic, Badgley found it to be a difficult moment to shoot, saying, “I found myself surprisingly disgusted, like I did not want to do it.”

Despite the challenges, Badgley found the character to be an interesting role, and he and the rest of the crew were able to have fun on set.

He also learned to trust other people since he was not always sure.

However, he would not recommend anyone playing Joe, and he wanted to make the character appear less charming.

Netflix has been known to feature masturbation scenes in their TV shows, and You is no exception.

Other shows like Bridgerton, s** Education, Orange Is the New Black, Reign, and Ginny and Georgia have also included masturbation scenes.

In Bridgerton, Daphne has an authentic moment when she pleasures herself for the first time in the third episode.

In s** Education, Aimee Gibbs spends an episode figuring out what she likes.

The show depicts masturbation as exciting instead of intimidating.

In Orange Is the New Black, Boo uses a makeshift toy to pleasure herself.

Reign features a scene in the first episode of season 1, where a man discovers one of the handmaidens helping herself during a ball.

The scene was popular due to the wardrobe and the act being somewhat public.

Ginny from Ginny and Georgia starts to masturbate after she sexts someone.

She decides to use an electric toothbrush to get the job done.

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