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Will Smith caught sharing n@ked Margot Robbie pics


Will Smith caught sharing n@ked Margot Robbie pics


Will Smith is facing backlash from fans after a video surfaced on social media allegedly showing him sharing a deep fake photo of his Suicide Squad co-star, Margot Robbie.

The clip, which was posted on the Public Freakout Reddit page, shows Smith laughing as he shows a group of people on the bus, including Robbie, a deep fake of the actress, n/ked and in a compromised position.

Robbie can be heard saying “they hacked my phone,” as some people look disturbed and shocked by the image while many join in laughing.

The incident has sparked outrage among several readers of the post, with many condemning the actors’ perceived behavior.

The video has garnered around 2,500 comments, with fans calling for an apology from both actors.

Many have also criticized Smith for his “hypocritical” behavior, given his involvement in various internet safety campaigns.

Robbie has been a vocal advocate for online privacy and has spoken out against deep fakes in the past. Smith, on the other hand, has also been involved in projects aimed at raising awareness of cybercrime and internet safety.

The incident has left many people disappointed, especially since both actors have been involved in online safety campaigns.

The deep fake phenomenon has been a growing concern in recent years.

Deep fakes refer to manipulated images or videos that are created using machine learning algorithms.

They can be used to create fake celebrity pornographic content or to impersonate public figures.

Deep fakes have been a cause for concern as they can be used to spread false information and damage reputations.

The video has left many people concerned about the implications of deep fakes and the importance of online privacy.

Public figures are expected to be mindful of their actions and the messages they send to their followers.

The incident has sparked a wider discussion on the responsibility of celebrities and their influence on social media.

The incident has also raised questions about the legitimacy of the viral video.

While some have taken it as proof of Smith’s behavior, others have raised concerns about the authenticity of the footage.

Deep fakes have become so advanced that it is difficult to tell the difference between real and fake content.

Some have suggested that the video may have been doctored to make it appear as if Smith was sharing a deep fake image.

The rise of deep fakes has led to calls for better regulation and legislation to protect individuals from the harm caused by fake content.

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