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This famous actor hated wearing under wear on set


This famous actor hated wearing under wear on set


Michael Landon, who played Charles Ingalls in the popular TV show “Little House on the Prairie,” was known for his role as a loving and dependable father figure.

However, behind the scenes, he had some habits and characteristics that were different from his character.

One of those habits was not wearing underwear on set, which was reportedly a tough request for producers and directors of the show.

Despite his unsaintly habit, Landon had a range of different characteristics behind-the-scenes.

According to Alison Arngrim, who played Nellie on “Little House on the Prairie,” Landon had a great sense of humor, but he was also often strict.

He attended Playboy Jazz Festivals, smoked and drank a lot, drove around in his Ferrari, and had a wild and extravagant sense of humor while filming.

Arngrim also explained that Landon took on a leadership role and forced everyone around him to be perfect.

“He saw to it that the rules were obeyed.”

“We said ‘yes, sir’ and ‘yes, ma’am.’ We had to know our lines. We were held to a higher standard,” she said.

Landon was a widely popular figure at the time and used his influence on the set.

He was in other shows, such as “Bonanza,” and had been married three times.

Landon also had nine children and stepchildren.

Landon played the perfect dad on television, which made him an important figure for countless children and adults.

His son, Michael Landon Jr., created the 1999 film “Michael Landon, the Father I Knew,” which tells the story of Landon’s home life and what it was like to grow up with the figure others saw as the perfect dad.

According to Variety, Landon was the perfect dad for a bit.

He made time to take his kids fishing and tried to be sympathetic and understanding.

However, he eventually became focused on other desires, which also included being involved with a makeup artist on set.

In their last moments before his father’s death, Landon Jr. said his unstable childhood may have been why he made irrational decisions while parenting.

Landon Jr. battled alcohol abuse while his sister Leslie was bulimic.

She said that she thought her father would pay more attention to her if she was skinnier.

The film helps describe the phases of Michael Landon’s life and his connections between work and home.

He was different from his character in a handful of ways but still played the perfect dad on television.

He was a complex individual who had struggles in his personal life but continued to be an important figure for many people.

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