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Sharon Stone says dirty role cost her custody of her son


Sharon Stone says dirty role cost her custody of her son


Actress Sharon Stone recently revealed that her famous performance in the 1992 film Basic Instinct caused her to lose custody of her son Roan in 2004.

In a podcast interview with Bruce Bozzi on Table for Two, Stone said that her son was asked by a judge, “Do you know your mother makes s^x movies?”

This question came as a result of the famous scene in the film where Stone briefly exposes herself while crossing her legs.

Stone, who adopted Roan with then-husband Ron Bronstein in 2000, lost custody of her son to Bronstein after their divorce.

Stone discussed the pain that losing custody caused her, stating that it “literally broke my heart” and caused her to be hospitalized with extra heartbeats in her upper and lower heart chambers.

Despite the small amount of nudity in the film, Stone said that the backlash from the scene has caused her to avoid similar roles.

She also expressed frustration with the treatment she received, especially considering how much s^x and nudity is present in television and film today.

“I got nominated for a Golden Globe for that part, and when I went to the Golden Globes and they called my name, a bunch of people in the room laughed,” Stone said.

“I was so humiliated…does anybody have any idea how hard it was to play that part? How gut-wrenching and frightening?”

Stone went on to say that the reaction from Hollywood to her role as Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct was harsh, and that she has avoided s^xualized or dark roles ever since.

However, she emphasized that actors should not be confused with their characters, citing the example of an actor who played a serial killer but is not himself a murderer.

“The guy who played Jeffrey Dahmer — no one thinks he’s a [person] who eats people,” Stone said.

“It makes him a very complex person who took an incredibly difficult part.”

Stone’s story has sparked conversation about the treatment of women in Hollywood and the double standards that exist within the entertainment industry.

Many have expressed support for Stone and sympathy for the impact that her role in Basic Instinct had on her personal life.

Despite the challenges that Stone faced after Basic Instinct, the film remains a cultural touchstone and a landmark of erotic thrillers.

The movie, directed by Paul Verhoeven, was a box office success and helped to cement Stone’s status as a Hollywood icon.

Stone herself has continued to act in films and television shows since Basic Instinct, but has often shied away from explicit or provocative roles.

Her work has earned her multiple awards and nominations, including an Academy Award nomination for her role in Martin Scorsese’s Casino.

As for her son Roan, Stone has since regained custody of him and has also adopted two more sons.

She remains a prominent figure in Hollywood and an advocate for various causes, including AIDS research and LGBTQ rights.

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