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Robert Downey Jr bragged about bedding his co-stars

Actors Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow and Mark Ruffalo are spotted filming scenes in Fayetteville, Georgia for ‘Avengers 4’. Credit: BACKGRID


Robert Downey Jr bragged about bedding his co-stars


Robert Downey Jr, who is known for his charming personality, has been quite open about his s** life in the past.

The actor shared that he kept his marriage with his wife Susan Downey healthy by maintaining a healthy s** life with “therapeutic tools.” But, once before, RDJ also confessed that he was “a compulsive, serial masturbator.”

In 2008, Metro UK reported that Robert Downey Jr’s endless tales of flings with his co-stars aren’t false.

The actor bragged that he had bedded many of his female co-stars and further revealed that it is quite a common thing one can find in Tinseltown.

“Every second star goes to bed with his co-star because they spend so much time together.

But I’m not going to start reeling off the names,” RDJ said.

Several stars have previously talked about their hookups with their co-stars.

Jennifer Lawrence once admitted that she shared a kiss with Liam Hemsworth off-screen.

It is also common for the actors to fall in love after meeting on the sets.

The most famous example of this can be Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Though the two are divorced now, their romance started with Mr. and Mrs. Smith and they became the IT couple in Hollywood.

However, it seems that the days of Robert Downey Jr hooking up with his co-stars are long gone now.

The actor has been married to Susan since 2005, and the couple shares two kids, Avri Roel Downey and Exton Elias Downey, with each other.

RDJ also has another child, Indio Falconer Downey, from his first marriage.

Robert Downey Jr has always been known for his charisma and witty remarks.

In the past, he has made several controversial statements.

In an interview with Playboy in 2014, he joked about Mel Gibson’s controversial comments and said, “You might recall a certain individual telling me to keep my mouth shut.

Can you guess who? It was Mel.

The thing about Mel is that he’s got this particular Irish curse, which is he’s incredibly charming.”

Robert Downey Jr has come a long way since his early days in Hollywood.

The actor has struggled with addiction issues in the past but has since then cleaned up his act and become one of the most bankable stars in the industry.

His portrayal of Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is still considered one of his best performances to date.

Robert Downey Jr is also known for his philanthropic work.

He started the Footprint Coalition, which aims to use advanced technologies to clean up the planet.

In a recent interview, he said, “We’re trying to create a model for other people to follow.

We want to get our own house in order, and then we want to help other people get their house in order.”

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