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Naya Rivera bought breast implants for 18th birthday



Naya Rivera bought breast implants for 18th birthday


Former Glee star, Naya Rivera, has been known for her beauty and talent, and she admitted to having plastic surgery as a teenager.

Rivera opened up about her journey to getting breast implants in her book, Sorry, Not Sorry.

She revealed that she decided to get the surgery as soon as she turned 18, despite her parents’ disapproval.

Her mother refused to go with her to the appointment, saying, “I do not condone this.”

Undeterred, Rivera drove herself to the doctor’s office and even paid in advance before her 18th birthday.

She also told her art teacher, who was excited for her, having fake breasts herself.

“I can’t wait to see what they look like when you come back!” she said.

Rivera emphasized that she didn’t get the surgery to become sexually appealing to others.

Instead, she wanted to boost her confidence.

“My new b–bs were a confidence thing, not a sexual thing,” she wrote.

“I’d never even taken my top off for a guy. I hadn’t had many opportunities to do so, but even if I had, it probably wouldn’t have happened, because my bra was always stuffed with napkins or, if I’d managed to sneak them, my mom’s chicken cutlets.”

The actress also revealed that it took her some time to develop a healthier body image.

She felt better about her body as she grew older, which was when she began to eat healthier.

“Thankfully, more than a decade after all this stuff happened, I’m happy to say that I no longer treat my body like it’s my enemy,” wrote Rivera.

Naya Rivera passed away on July 13, 2020, in a tragic drowning accident.

Her death was a shock to fans and colleagues alike.

She was known for her talent not only on Glee, but also in other TV shows, movies, and music.

She was a versatile artist who was loved by many.

Her fans and colleagues continue to celebrate her life and her contributions to the entertainment industry.

They also remember her for her beauty and confidence, which she had even before the surgery.

Her journey to getting breast implants was just one part of her story, but it was an important one for her.

Rivera’s honesty about her plastic surgery experience can help others who are also struggling with body image issues.

She showed that it’s possible to develop a healthier relationship with one’s body, regardless of what steps one takes to get there.

Rivera’s legacy lives on through her work, her family, and her fans.

Her story is a reminder that beauty comes in many forms, and that true confidence comes from within.

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