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Margot Robbie rejected Playboy offer to strip for cash

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Margot Robbie rejected Playboy offer to strip for cash


Margot Robbie became a breakout star with her role in The Wolf of Wall Street, which included several n/de scenes.

Although this was a first for her, she found the n/de scenes necessary to portray her character, Naomi Lapaglia, accurately.

Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy magazine, was among those who took notice of Robbie’s performance and was impressed by her.

After seeing the film, he openly expressed his interest in having Robbie pose as a centerfold for Playboy.

Hefner was so impressed that he did not even bother to find out the actress’s name before publicly offering her a chance to appear in Playboy.

However, Robbie declined the offer, citing concerns about how it would affect her family.

She explained that she had “put her family through enough” and did not want to do anything that would embarrass them.

Robbie’s refusal to pose for Playboy did not mean that she regretted her n/de scenes in The Wolf of Wall Street.

She felt that the n/d^ty was necessary to portray her character accurately and that “n/d^ty for the sake of n/d^ty is shameful.” She also believed that it was essential to remain authentic to her character and not be choreographed into being covered up.

When offered the option to tone down the full-frontal scene, Robbie refused and insisted that her character had to be n/ked.

She felt that Naomi was laying her cards on the table and that being authentic to her character was crucial.

This authenticity is what made Robbie so successful as an actress, and she has continued to challenge herself in subsequent roles.

Robbie’s refusal to pose for Playboy did not come as a surprise to those who know her.

She has always been known as a talented actress who takes her craft seriously and is not interested in being objectified or s**ualized.

Her refusal to pose for Playboy also shows that she is a confident woman who is not afraid to make her own decisions.

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