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Leo DiCaprio slept with 7 different women at this event

Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


Leo DiCaprio slept with 7 different women at this event


Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has reportedly been indulging in his promiscuous ways again during the Cannes Film Festival, with Star magazine claiming that he slept with seven women in a 10-day period.

“It’s incredible – even for him!” said an anonymous source.

“They were all young gorgeous model types, just the kind of girl he likes.

He doesn’t even have to try, they just follow him around.” DiCaprio skipped the Australian premiere of The Great Gatsby so he could stay in the south of France and party on his yacht during the film festival.

“Leo really knows how to throw a party… it was almost Gatsby-esque in how opulent it was. Everyone knows that if Leo’s throwing a party, it’s going to be a blast!”

Rumours have been circulating that DiCaprio is dating 20-year-old German model Toni Garrn, however, the actor was seen in Paris with his boys during the French Open, and not with Garrn.

During the Cannes Film Festival, many of us were focused on whether or not Leo could nail down Cara Delevingne.

Cara seemed to be actively thwarting his advances, much to her credit, but Leo was still having such a great time in the South of France that he ended up cancelling his appearance at the Sydney premiere of The Great Gatsby.

The Great Gatsby premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on the first night, and Leo was there for almost the full week and a half.

When you think about that, and you think about all of the C-list actresses and B-list models and the range of hookers also working the festival…

doesn’t seven women sound like too few? I mean, a dude like Leo could easily make his way through two or three girls a day.

The media have been reporting on DiCaprio’s love life since he first became famous.

The 44-year-old actor has always had a penchant for leggy models, but the playboy actor outdid himself in Cannes, hooking up with seven women in the 10-day period.

However, despite his partying, Leo is telling friends he is ready to settle down, and one stunner in particular seems to have caught his eye: 20-year-old German model Toni Garrn! The pair have been spotted together in France and in Monaco attending the Formula One Grand Prix, but if Leo wants to prove he’s a changed man, he might want to sell his yacht… or at least clean it.

It seems like he was trying to break his record for “most ladies boned within a 10-day period”.

And I hope no one is going to accuse me of taking a “boys will be boys” attitude here – I think the idea that Leo is just randomly hooking up with whatever half-way attractive girl is following him around… well, that’s just gross and skeevy.

And imagine if the genders were reversed! Ugh.

During the Cannes Film Festival, DiCaprio was seen with various models including Georgia Fowler, Chelsey Weimar and Candice Blackburn.

The actor has dated many models and actresses over the years, including Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli, Blake Lively, Erin Heatherton and Toni Garrn.

It is notable that DiCaprio has not been seen with Garrn during his recent trip to Paris.

Garrn is a German model who has been dating the actor for nearly a year.

She was seen with him at the Cannes Film Festival, where they were spotted holding hands at the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala.

DiCaprio has been in a number of high-profile relationships over the years, but he has never settled down.

He recently opened up about his failed relationships, saying that he has never been in love.

“I haven’t met the right one yet,” he said.

“I’ve been close a few times, but I haven’t met someone who could handle my lifestyle.”

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