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Jennifer Lawrence hated her s-x scene in this movie


Jennifer Lawrence hated her s-x scene in this movie


Jennifer Lawrence, the star of the 2016 science-fiction film Passengers, recently revealed that she found the s** scene in the movie to be “really awkward” and mentally unprepared for it.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Lawrence said that she had to get “really, really drunk” to cope with the scenes, concluding that “s** scenes are the most uns**y things in the world.” The pressure of media scrutiny on her onscreen romance with co-star Chris Pratt, who announced a divorce from his ex-wife Anna Faris, made things even more awkward.

s** scenes in Hollywood have come under scrutiny in recent years, with intimacy coordinators now in place to help make them as safe and equitable as possible.

Sean Bean recently commented that intimacy coordinators “spoil the spontaneity” of the scene.

However, an intimacy coordinator explained that actors can still be spontaneous, and the coordination just ensures the cast and crew’s safety and well-being.

They help the actors to realise and respect their own boundaries, as an action scene may feel ‘spontaneous’ to one actor, but to another, it may feel like an assault.

Intimacy coordination looks to make s** scenes just like any other scene in a movie.

Actors need to be coached on the mental side of it beforehand.

Lawrence described Passengers as her “first real s** scene” and found that she was mentally unprepared.

She found the experience to be “really awkward” and although it was merely fiction, she found that kissing a married man was very uncomfortable.

The right emotional preparation can make s** scenes less mentally taxing.

The stresses for Lawrence were exacerbated further owing to media scrutiny of the onscreen romance.

Several tabloids speculated whether filming has spawned a romance that split the marriage.

Lawrence shot the rumours down, but the gossip continued.

The pressure on actors to perform s** scenes is immense, and the media scrutiny just makes it worse.

As Sean Bean said, “it’s not easy to do, and you’ve got to make sure everyone’s comfortable with it.” With the right preparation and guidance, actors can give authentic performances without putting themselves in harm’s way.

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