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How Victoria Beckham transformed into a s-x doll


How Victoria Beckham transformed into a s-x doll


Victoria Beckham, wife of retired soccer player David Beckham, once dressed up a s** doll in an effort to avoid paparazzi in Los Angeles.

The couple moved to LA in 2007 when David signed with the LA Galaxy team, with the intention of making soccer more popular in America.

Victoria, formerly known as Posh Spice from the Spice Girls, also wanted to make a name for herself in the US and starred in a reality TV show called Victoria Beckham: Coming to America, which followed her transition to life in LA.

Throughout the show, Victoria struggled to adapt to her new life in LA.

She had to take her driver’s test to get her US license, but was called out by the instructor for asking her assistant a question during the written portion of the exam.

Later on, she was pulled over for wearing improper footwear while driving.

Victoria found it difficult to deal with paparazzi in LA and came up with a creative solution.

To avoid being photographed by the paparazzi, Victoria dressed up a s** doll to throw them off her trail.

However, she noted that the doll was not entirely believable because it was smiling, unlike her usual expression.

Victoria has always been open about her personality and has referred to herself as a “miserable pouty b****.”

The reality show only lasted a few episodes, but Victoria’s no-nonsense personality and humorous moments were a hit with viewers.

In the final episode, she threw the first pitch at a Dodger’s game and joked about not being “Sporty” like her fellow Spice Girl, Sporty Spice.

However, the experience was not what she expected and she quipped to the cameras that she thought “one of my silicones were gonna fly out my armpit then.”

David and Victoria Beckham wanted to expand their fame in America and bring more attention to soccer.

David played for the LA Galaxy for five years before retiring in 2012, earning over $6 million a year.

Victoria, meanwhile, pursued a career in fashion and is now an entrepreneur and designer.

While Victoria is no longer living in the US, fans of her humorous reality TV moments may hope for her return to the small screen for another special.

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