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How Monica Lewinsky seduced Bill Clinton in White House


How Monica Lewinsky seduced Bill Clinton in White House


Monica Lewinsky, former White House intern, has shared intimate details of her affair with then-US President Bill Clinton in a new documentary, The Clinton Affair.

The affair took place in the 1990s when Lewinsky was just 22 years old, and the documentary reveals the tactics she used to seduce Clinton, including leaving her thong on display.

Despite the other female interns finding Clinton attractive, Lewinsky admits she did not see the attraction until Clinton paid her a lot of attention.

Lewinsky recalls a flirtatious encounter with Clinton in which she “blurted out” that she had a crush on him.

Clinton laughed, smiled, and asked her to follow him to a back office, where they kissed.

After that, they had more intimate encounters, which all took place in adjoining rooms to the Oval Office.

Lewinsky said that all their secret meetings had “a s**ual component” to them.

Despite their deepening bond, Clinton kept Lewinsky dangling while she waited for their stolen moments together.

Lewinsky had no way to reach Clinton, and if he called her, she would not be able to call him back.

She was completely at his mercy in that way.

Lewinsky stayed in her office on weekends, hoping Clinton would call.

Clinton was “crestfallen” when Lewinsky got transferred to the Pentagon and “promised” to bring her back if he won the next election.

However, by that point, rumours about the affair had started, and Lewinsky’s boss warned her to “be careful”.

Lewinsky’s friendship with co-worker Linda Tripp proved to be the key to her undoing.

Tripp would go on to secretly record and leak their conversations.

“She would ask questions here and there about why did I leave the White House, did he flirt with me,” Lewinsky said of Tripp.

“I saw her as just some benign some political appointee at the Pentagon, of course, she was much, much more than that.”

The documentary also reveals that Lewinsky and Clinton never had s** in the Oval Office, only in adjoining rooms.

Despite the affair, Lewinsky and Clinton would also have conversations and “connect.”

Lewinsky believes that Clinton was the one who called all the shots in the affair.

“It’s really sad to me when I look back,” she said.

“I was this 22-year-old girl working in the White House for my very first job out of college.

“I should have been out on the weekends meeting people my own age, enjoying myself.

“Instead, I stayed in my office on Saturdays and Sundays, hoping he would call.”

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