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Grace Kelly caught n-ked with Marlon Brando


Grace Kelly caught n-ked with Marlon Brando


A Hollywood legend has been left devastated after walking in on his lover, Grace Kelly, with Marlon Brando.

Kelly, who was known for her cool and controlled public image, had a private life that involved many of cinema’s biggest stars.

Behind the scenes, she had affairs with several men, often at the same time.

Author Gore Vidal once said, “Grace almost always laid the leading man. She was famous for that.”

Kelly was having affairs with four different men on the set of her final film appearance, “High Society,” including co-stars Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra.

While Brando was known for his voracious sexual appetite, Kelly’s more conservative public image left many wives and girlfriends of her co-stars nervous and suspicious.

On the set of “High Noon,” co-star Gary Cooper’s girlfriend Patricia Neal was assured by him that his leading lady was having an affair with director Fred Zinneman.

She later revealed in her biography that, “Of course, it was Gary who was having an affair with her!”

Cooper himself crudely said before his death, “She looked like a cold dish with a man until you got her pants down. Then she’d explode.”

Kelly was infamous for pursuing much older men, usually attributed to her difficult relationship with her overbearing and cold father.

Repressed and lacking affection at home, she found comfort with Cooper and Clark Gable, who were 28 years older.

Crosby was 26 years older, while Sinatra was a mere 14 years her senior.

She had started young – at 18, she had an affair with her drama teacher Alan Richardson, who ended it when she showed off an emerald-studded bracelet from Prince Aly Khan, which everyone knew he gifted to women he bedded.

Kelly’s private life became an open secret in Hollywood, although the actress herself almost never addressed the rumors.

However, when Kelly and Gable starred in “Mogambo,” she famously alluded to their affair, saying, “What else is there to do if you’re alone in a tent in Africa with Clark Gable?”

Gable always protested that “nothing happened,” but co-star Donald Sinden described accidentally walking in on the two of them having sex in Gable’s tent.

When filming moved to London, Gable set up a discrete hotel room for them to continue seeing each other.

James Stewart is one of the few stars with absolutely no Kelly rumors attached.

Possibly because his wife Gloria Stewart, taking no chances, drove to and from set every day and often stayed around to watch filming as well.

That same year, Kelly also filmed “The Country Girl” with Crosby and, yet again, an affair ensued.

Crosby actually hadn’t wanted her for the role of his on-screen wife, believing her “too beautiful.”

Beauty aside, Kelly’s performance would win her the Best Actress Oscar, and she would also start an affair with her leading man, who used his friend Alan Ladd’s house for their assignations.

It became so frequent, Ladd apparently complained: “Doesn’t he know any place else where he can go at night? There must be hotels or motels…”

What Crosby didn’t know was that Kelly was also still seeing actor William Holden, who had an infamously open marriage, as well as Clark Gable and a brief dalliance with David Niven.

Niven famously revealed the affair on the Michael Parkinson show when he recalled meeting Kelly’s husband Prince Rainier of Monaco, who laddishly asked him who had been his best lover.

“Grace, of course,” Niven replied before hastily adding, “Er, Gracie Fields.”

After the 1955 Oscar ceremony on March 30, Crosby went to Kelly’s hotel room at around 3 am, perhaps to distract himself from losing to Marlon Brando for “On The Waterfront.”

However, what he found there devastated him. According to Hollywood commentator Darwin Porter, “Bing Crosby arrived for a showdown with Grace.

Instead of that, he found a nude Marlon in her bed.” The two men reportedly came to blows, and then, just a few months later, Crosby found himself back on set opposite Kelly from January-March 1956 in “High Society.”

Although the couple sang the iconic ballad “True Love” to each other in the movie, it was his co-star Sinatra who was apparently bedding the blonde beauty off-screen, while former lover Crosby was left on the sidelines.

George Jacobs, Frank Sinatra’s personal valet from 1958 until 1968, was asked about the rumored affair and their ongoing closeness but would only say the pair remained friends and that Sinatra would later visit her in Monaco after her marriage to Prince Rainier “to support her charity work.”

Kelly’s reputation for sexual liaisons left many of her co-stars’ wives and girlfriends nervous and suspicious.

However, Kelly’s private life was largely unacknowledged in public, as she maintained her cool and controlled image.

Despite her controversial behavior, Kelly’s talent and beauty earned her many accolades and a place in Hollywood history.

Her final film appearance in “High Society” won her an Oscar for Best Actress, and she went on to marry Prince Rainier of Monaco, becoming a real-life princess.

However, her private life continued to be the subject of speculation and fascination even after her death in a car accident in 1982.

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