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Actress flashes her knickers in odd wardrobe malfunction


Actress flashes her knickers in odd wardrobe malfunction


Actress Zaina Dridi had a wardrobe malfunction while attending the premiere of new film Carol in Rome.

The stunning brunette arrived at the event wearing a floor-length teal dress with sheer sleeves and a waist belt.

Unfortunately, the strong Italian wind caused the splits in her dress to reveal her n/de knickers.

In pictures, Zaina appears to be unaware that her underwear is on display as she poses for photographers.

It is not clear whether she noticed the wardrobe malfunction at the time.

The Tunisian actress is not the first to suffer from a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet in Rome.

Just last week, Samantha Capitoni also flashed her underwear while attending an event with fellow actor Beppe Convertini.

Despite the wardrobe malfunction, Zaina still looked stunning in her teal dress.

The actress is known for her roles in Italian films and television shows.

Zaina has not commented on the wardrobe malfunction, and it is unclear if she will address the issue in the future.

However, the incident has been widely reported in the media, with many outlets sharing pictures of the actress’s wardrobe malfunction.

The incident serves as a reminder to celebrities and event-goers to always be mindful of their clothing choices, especially when attending high-profile events.

A wardrobe malfunction can easily happen, and it can be embarrassing and distracting.

Despite the potential for wardrobe malfunctions, celebrities continue to push the boundaries with their fashion choices.

Sheer dresses, cutouts, and plunging necklines are all popular choices on the red carpet.

Zaina’s wardrobe malfunction is just one example of the risks that come with wearing revealing clothing.

In the age of social media, a wardrobe malfunction can quickly go viral, leading to embarrassment and unwanted attention.

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