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Actress admits having wet dreams about Dwayne Johnson


Actress admits having wet dreams about Dwayne Johnson


January Jones, a well-known actress famous for her role in X-Men, has revealed that she has had wild NSFW dreams involving Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the popular WWE star turned actor.

In 2018, Jones shared a post on Instagram in which she disclosed her love for the actor.

She described an “epic dream” she had in which the two were having lunch in a loud place, and Johnson confessed his love for her.

Jones also spoke about her dream in an interview a few days later. She described the dream as “very flirty,” and she pretended not to hear Johnson say “I love you” because she “didn’t know him.”

She regretted not saying it back when she woke up and posted about it on Instagram to “remedy that.”

Jones shared that her dream was not the first time she had such a wild experience in her dreams.

She said, “I’ve had a few of them over the years. And I remember every single one they last for like a long time. Like I’ll always have, whether I meet him ever or not, I’ll always have feelings for him.”

She also mentioned that her dream with Johnson was like a “s** dream” but was way stronger because of the feelings she had after waking up.

During the interview, Jones explained that the dreams she had about Johnson were not just about s** but more about love.

She said that “when you have a love dream like you wake up feeling like love. They’re way more powerful than a s** dream. I woke up in love with him.”

The actress never heard from Johnson after her confession, but he did like her post on Instagram.

This proves that “The Brahma Bull” has won over the hearts of many stars in Hollywood with his charm.

Dwayne Johnson, who is one of the most successful stars in the industry right now, has won the hearts of many with his acting and WWE career.

He is popularly known as “The Rock,” and his charisma has made him beloved by everyone.

Jones’ confession was not just limited to social media; she also discussed it in interviews.

Jones appeared on CONAN on TBS a few days after uploading the post on Instagram and shared more details about the dream.

The dream involving Johnson was not the first time Jones has had such a wild experience in her dreams.

She revealed that she has been experiencing love dreams for many years. Even though she may never meet Johnson, she will always have feelings for him.

Jones’ dream with Johnson was like a “s*x dream,” but it was more about love than s**.

She woke up feeling like she was in love with him.

Jones’ love for Johnson did not go unnoticed by the star himself.

Although he did not respond directly to her confession, he liked her post on Instagram.

Jones’ confession proves that Johnson’s charisma extends beyond his acting career and into his personal life.

His charm has won over many stars in Hollywood, including Jones.

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