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Why Christian Bale dislikes Leonardo DiCaprio

Christian Bale in “American Psycho”. Photo: CP Images


Why Christian Bale dislikes Leonardo DiCaprio


In a recent interview, Christian Bale disclosed that Leonardo DiCaprio is the first choice for every major male film role in Hollywood, stating that actors in the 47-year-old Titanic star’s age group owe their careers to DiCaprio passing on projects.

Speaking with GQ, the 48-year-old Batman actor said that every role anyone gets today is only because DiCaprio has turned it down first.

Bale shared that regardless of how friendly actors may be with directors, all roles are initially offered to DiCaprio.

The topic emerged when interviewer Zach Baron mentioned that DiCaprio, who began his career as a child actor just like Bale and is only 10 months younger, was initially cast in the 2000 movie American Psycho before Bale.

Although Bale ultimately played the role of Patrick Bateman after DiCaprio withdrew, he had lost five other roles to DiCaprio in the 1990s, including Titanic.

Bale emphasized that it’s not just him, and every male lead role is first presented to the Gatsby actor.

When asked if he took it personally, Bale responded that he was grateful for any opportunity and praised DiCaprio’s acting, saying he “does it magnificently.”

There are different accounts of why DiCaprio left American Psycho, including creative differences with director Oliver Stone or a conversation with Gloria Steinem about the film’s violence against women.

Bale also reportedly lost roles in This Boy’s Life (1993) and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993) to DiCaprio.

In the same GQ interview, Bale spoke about his role as a “mediator” between Amy Adams and David O. Russell during the contentious production of the 2013 crime comedy American Hustle.

Confirming earlier reports, Bale said he tried to mediate when conflicts arose between Adams and Russell, as it is in his nature to try to find a way to make things work.


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