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Taylor Swift reveals how radio DJ groped her backstage


Taylor Swift reveals how radio DJ groped her backstage


In a recent deposition, Taylor Swift recounted her experience of being groped by a radio DJ backstage during one of her concerts.

The pop star stated that she felt shocked and withdrawn after the alleged incident, which involved former radio DJ David Mueller.

Mueller, who worked at Colorado’s 98.5 KYGO, initially sued Swift for slander, claiming she got him fired from his job.

Swift countered with a lawsuit alleging that Mueller assaulted her during a meet-and-greet event.

Mueller maintains that he was wrongly accused and that it was a co-worker who assaulted Swift.

During her deposition, Swift described her reaction to the assault, explaining that she was barely able to speak and felt as if “somebody switched the lights off in my personality.”

She also mentioned that she did not immediately report the incident to her staff as she did not want fans or the press to find out about it.

Lawyers questioned Swift about a photo taken with Mueller during the meet-and-greet, asking if it captured the moment he groped her.

While Swift’s skirt appears undisturbed in the photo, she stated that she cannot definitively say if the photo captured the assault, as she felt “uncomfortable because a strange man’s hand just lifted up my shirt.”

Swift’s photographer also provided a statement, mentioning that she noticed a strange expression on Swift’s face before the photo was taken but initially assumed the singer had tripped on her heels.

A judge granted Swift’s legal team’s request to seal the photo allegedly showing Mueller groping her.

However, the judge rejected a similar request to seal the transcript of Swift’s testimony.

In the deposition, Swift’s mother, Andrea, recounted her reaction to hearing about the alleged incident, describing feeling “nauseous” and wanting to “cry and throw up at the same time.”

She also said her daughter appeared “humiliated, embarrassed, and horrified.”

Mueller’s initial complaint stated that he had been working in the radio business for over 20 years and had been employed by 98.5 KYGO since 2013.

He attended the meet-and-greet at Swift’s concert on June 2, 2013, with his co-host, Ryan Kliesch, and his girlfriend.

Mueller claimed that he met Swift backstage and that the interaction was positive, with the singer remaining pleasant as they said goodbye.

Later, however, Mueller’s co-worker bragged about grabbing Swift’s rear during a photo op.

Swift’s bodyguard later accused Mueller of grabbing her during the photo, and he was subsequently removed from the venue and fired from his job.

In response to Mueller’s lawsuit, Swift claimed that he, not his co-worker, was the one who assaulted her.

Swift stated that she clearly remembers Mueller’s conduct and that his accusations against his co-worker are lies.

Swift filed her own lawsuit against Mueller for assault and battery, seeking compensatory and punitive damages.


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