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Mariah Carey’s sister arrested for prostitution in New York

Mariah Carey’s sister, Alison Carey, was arrested last week in New York state. (Saugerties Police)


Mariah Carey’s sister arrested for prostitution in New York


Alison Carey, Mariah Carey’s older sister, was arrested and charged with prostitution at a motel in upstate New York.

Alison, 55, was detained in Saugerties on Friday following an inquiry at a hotel, according to the Daily Freeman of Kingston. She allegedly asked for money in return for s-x from an undercover cop.

According to Saugerties Police Chief Joseph Sinagra, who talked with the local media following Alison’s arrest, she informed officers she was connected to the Grammy-winning singer. The lady was described as “transient” by Sinagra.

According to police, she offered her services on Craiglist’s adult section, even included lyrics from her sister’s 1995 song Fantasy in her profile.

She allegedly posted two images of herself in one post on August 26.

“Im a pretty lady looking for guys who are looking to have some fun and get into a world of pleasure that other woman just cant provide two [sic] you,woman with the ability to make the earth move for you and to get you to see stars, oh yea with me its,’ ITS SUCH A SWEET,SWEET FANTASY BABY, WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES I COME AND TAKE YOU ON AND ON.’”

Carey was detained in Ulster County Jail before being released on Saturday, according to jail records.

The woman reportedly identified herself as the sister of Mariah Carey (pictured) after being arrested. (Rich Fury/Rich Fury/Invision/AP)

Those who may have had s-xual contacts with Carey should be examined for s-xually transmitted illnesses, according to Saugerties Police Chief Joseph Sinagra.

Alison has been reported to be HIV-positive in many reports, including one published by The Sun earlier this year.

According to People, a source close to the pop star’s team told the publication that the news of her detention is likely “very painful” for her, as the two siblings had been separated “for years.”

“Mariah takes care of her entire family,” the person added.

Mariah has been silent about the incident, however she did upload a selfie on Instagram wearing a glittering leotard and fishnet tights exactly one day after her estranged sister was jailed.

Morgan Carey, Mariah Carey’s brother, recently chastised the pop queen for not being close to her siblings.

According to the same story by The Sun, he said the famed singer neglected to reach out and refused to pay for Alison’s treatment for different health conditions, including brain and spine disorders.

Mariah Carey, he claims, never contacted him after his wife had a miscarriage.

“But that’s typical,” he reportedly replied, “because the world has to revolve around Mariah and there is no room in the world apart from her.”

Carey has been arrested twice for prostitution since 2005.

Carey appeared in Saugerties Town Court and was remanded in the Ulster County Jail on a $1,000 bond. She’ll be in court again on August 30.


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