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Lindsay Lohan’s tragic life of drugs, scandals and prison


Lindsay Lohan’s tragic life of drugs, scandals and prison


Lindsay Lohan rose to fame as a beloved teen movie actress after starring in some of the most memorable and humorous films of the 2000s.

However, the Freaky Friday actress’s career took a sharp turn as she struggled with addiction and relationship turmoil.

Now 36, Lohan first gained attention in the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap, playing both twins alongside the late British actress Natasha Richardson.

But it was Mean Girls, a film about female relationships and rivalries in a US high school, that truly launched her into the spotlight.

Her portrayal of Cady Heron garnered five major awards, including two MTV Video Awards. At 18 years old, Lohan became a household name.

After facing challenges, the Hollywood star is returning to the screen with her upcoming film, Falling for Christmas, set to premiere on Netflix in November.

As fans anticipate the new movie, Daily Star delves into the highs and lows of Lindsay’s life.

Lindsay Lohan’s struggle with addiction

Lindsay has candidly discussed her past battle with addiction.

In a previous interview with Oprah Winfrey, she revealed using cocaine “10 to 15 times a day” and frequently consuming alcohol in her early 20s.

Lohan entered rehab multiple times. Reflecting on her experiences in 2013, she said,

“I could write the book on rehab. Constantly sending me to rehab is pointless. The first few times I was court-ordered to rehab, it was like a joke, like killing time.”

She suggested alternative approaches, such as traveling to other countries and working with children.

Lindsay Lohan’s jail time

Lindsay’s most challenging year may have been 2007.

That year, she faced the worst of her problems, including a brief imprisonment. Lindsay was convicted of drunk driving twice and cocaine use once during that time.

She went to rehab three times in 2007 and served 84 minutes in jail.

Her second conviction occurred just two weeks after leaving rehab, and she failed to attend court-ordered substance abuse classes in 2009.

In 2009, she received a 90-day prison sentence for violating probation.

In total, she has been sentenced to jail five times for various offenses.

However, her situation improved, and a judge terminated her probation in 2015, marking the first time in eight years she was free from legal supervision.

The scandalous ‘conquest list’

In 2014, Lindsay faced embarrassment when her ‘f**k list’ was leaked, revealing the people she desired to sleep with.

In Touch magazine obtained the list, written by Lohan on a Scattergories card with friends at the Beverly Hills Hotel in January 2013.

Some names included Ashton Kutcher, Danny Cipriani, Brian from GPA, Belfast actor Jamie Dornan, and Riley S (a man she met during rehab).

Lohan later confirmed the list’s authenticity, but clarified that it was never meant for public release. She had written it as part of her AA recovery program.


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