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Hollywood’s elite celebrity s-x party hit by a Big Scandal


Hollywood’s elite celebrity s-x party hit by a Big Scandal


There are a lot of perks to being incredibly rich, and apparently, access to an elite (and pricey) s-x club is one of them.

Though there are plenty of s-x clubs where we normals can go to play, Snctm is only available to those who make it past a rigorous selection process — and then shell out at least $20,000 and up to a million dollars, according to the Daily Mail.

However, the “spiritual and erotic utopia,” as Snctm’s founder Damon Lawner has described the club, was just hit by controversy.

Phuong Tran, one of the club’s most prominent members and the first person to buy a membership, was banned from Snctm for life after allegedly bullying a 12-year-old online.

According to Business Insider, Tran, known as “Bunnyman” in the Snctm community, has changed his attitude toward the club since its inception in 2012.

His Instagram account includes a link in the bio to a website that lists the club’s shortfalls. “The pillars of privacy, safety, and exploration that sustained the Club have crumbled,” it reads in part.

Tran recently took his displeasure a step further in a move that was deemed unacceptable by the club’s founders.

The Daily Mail reports that Tran allegedly sent bullying Instagram messages to the 12-year-old daughter of Snctm’s founder.

“Yesterday Phuong stooped so low as to contact our founder’s 12-year-old daughter on Instagram with messages that hurt her deeply,” a statement released by Snctm and obtained by the Daily Mail reads.

“This was the final straw. We feel it necessary to shine light on his disgusting behavior, taking the extraordinary step to expose one of our former members so that our growing community knows to avoid him.”

“We have never done this before. Phuong’s actions are despicable, and we are compelled to announce the truth.”

Tran was apparently stripped of his “Dominus” membership, which costs $75,000 a year.

As the statement acknowledges, it’s a rare move for the club to out a member: Snctm promises anonymity to its guests, which have reportedly included a number of celebrities.

Tran hasn’t yet responded to the accusation or the statement.

Regardless of what happened in this situation, harassing a 12-year-old is a bad look — honestly, has a more obvious sentence ever been typed? — and there have got to be better ways to make your feelings about your s-x club community known.


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