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Angelina Jolie recalls best s-x ever

The star’s extensions hadn’t been properly blended with her real hair. EPA


Angelina Jolie recalls best s-x ever


Angelina Jolie has spoken about her experience filming the 1999 thriller, The Bone Collector, in which she starred alongside Denzel Washington.

Jolie played a cop hunting a serial killer, and the intensity of the role began to take its toll on the actor.

“This one was less extreme but nearly drove me insane because she was so insane inside,” she said in an interview with Dark Horizons.

“Sometimes with the extreme ones, you’re a character so you are free; this one was like: Be yourself, let those tears fall, be simple, and be still. You can’t hide. Sometimes it can be harder.”

The film brought out many of Jolie’s insecurities, making her question her ability as an actor.

“It was really lonely and I went a bit nuts. From the beginning, I felt as if I was not capable of doing this, of leading a film and being responsible for this, of physically handling this, of saving a life and going in there and being a cop,” she said.

However, Jolie managed to look past her doubts and the film went on to become a success.

Jolie also spoke about her relationship with Washington’s character, who played her love interest in the film.

She found the emotional bond they shared to be more satisfying than a typical physical one.

“What’s fascinating are the journeys these two characters undertake, and the deep relationship that evolves between them,” she said.

“The best s- I ever had was in this movie.”

Washington also had high praise for Jolie’s acting ability.

“She has a shot and then some,” he said in an interview with Tim Lammers.

“I was saying earlier, when I first saw her in Gia, I was like, ‘Wow, this girl is really, really good.’

:And I didn’t know, she probably didn’t like to talk about it too much, but I didn’t know who her father was.

“A great actor, Jon Voight. So she’s got the genes.”

The Bone Collector was not an easy film to make for Jolie, but it remains a memorable experience for her.

“It was just all those things by yourself: Am I good enough, am I worth anything, really, on a spiritual deep level? You start to get into those things and this is what she had to go through, and then get through it,” Jolie said.

The film was a unique experience for Jolie and offered something that no other movie had up to that point.

“It was a very specific story about this particular kind of killer and this particular kind of investigation,” she said.

Jolie was pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Washington, a seasoned actor who she admired.

“He’s always been one of my favorite actors, and certainly a man who I have always loved his work,” she said.

For Jolie, the role in The Bone Collector was one that allowed her to explore a different side of herself.

“It’s always nice to do something that’s not comfortable, and I think in this, there’s definitely elements of me that aren’t comfortable,” she said.

“But it’s interesting to put them in a character and see where it goes.”

Jolie’s ability to connect with her character on a deep level is what made her performance in The Bone Collector so compelling.

“When you are working in a film, and you’re having to dig deep emotionally, and you’re having to put yourself in that situation, it’s an incredible challenge,” she said.

The film also allowed Jolie to show her range as an actor, going from moments of vulnerability to moments of strength.

“It’s really an interesting journey for her, because she starts out as someone who is really, really damaged, and then throughout the film, she becomes stronger and stronger,” Jolie said.

While filming The Bone Collector, Jolie found that the intensity of the role took a toll on her mental and emotional state.

“It was a very lonely experience for me,” she said. “I went a little bit nuts, I think, during the filming of it.”

Despite the difficulties, Jolie managed to find moments of joy on set. One such moment came when she and Washington filmed a scene where their characters shared an intimate moment.

“It was great seducing someone with your mind, a huge turn-on,” she said.

“What’s fascinating are the journeys these two characters undertake, and the deep relationship that evolves between them.”

Jolie’s performance in The Bone Collector was critically acclaimed, earning her a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role.

The film itself was also a commercial success, grossing over $150 million worldwide.

Looking back on the experience, Jolie sees The Bone Collector as a turning point in her career.

“It was one of the films that really solidified the fact that I wanted to continue to do this, that I loved acting, and that I loved being a part of films that were meaningful,” she said.

Jolie’s ability to inhabit the character of a troubled cop hunting a serial killer was a testament to her talent as an actor.

“She just has that natural ability to create a character and bring it to life in a way that is both believable and compelling,” Washington said.

For Jolie, the experience of filming The Bone Collector was an intense but ultimately rewarding one.

“It was a tough shoot, but I’m really proud of the film,” she said.

“I think it turned out great, and I’m really happy that I got to be a part of it.”

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