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Amber Tamblyn recounts horrifying sexual assault experience


Amber Tamblyn recounts horrifying sexual assault experience


Actress Amber Tamblyn felt compelled to reveal her own harrowing sexual assault experience in light of the 2005 recording of Donald Trump’s offensive comments about women.

In an Instagram post on October 10th, Tamblyn opened up about being assaulted by a former boyfriend who forcibly carried her out of a nightclub.

With her husband’s support, the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star shared her story, describing a night out with friends in Hollywood, where she knew her abusive ex-boyfriend might be present.

Despite feeling safe with her friends, her ex showed up and assaulted her in a way similar to what Trump described in the leaked video.

Tamblyn detailed the horrifying incident, saying her ex grabbed her by the hair and crotch, dragging her across the room and out the front door.

Her friends tried to intervene, and thankfully, her ex’s brothers were present and stepped in.

During the scuffle, her cherished grandmother’s necklace was ripped from her neck. The remainder of that night remains a blur to her.

The actress shared her story in response to the leak of Trump’s 2005 conversation with then Access Hollywood host Billy Bush.

In the recording, the Republican presidential candidate bragged about hitting on women and grabbing them inappropriately.

Tamblyn revealed that she was left bruised and in pain after the assault, having difficulty wearing jeans and sleeping.

She admitted fearing her parents’ reaction to her post, but felt the need to share her story.

Following the release of the Trump tapes by The Washington Post on October 7th, millions of women have taken to Twitter to share their own sexual assault experiences.

Canadian writer Kelly Oxford invited her followers to share their stories of sexual abuse on social media.

Fortune reported that she has since received nearly 10 million responses.


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