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Amanda Bynes opens up about her drug use and breakdown



Amanda Bynes opens up about her drug use and breakdown


Amanda Bynes reveals her struggle with drugs, public meltdown, and journey to sobriety

Actress Amanda Bynes, 32, recently came forward to share her personal account of her turbulent years in the public eye in an in-depth interview with Paper Magazine.

Bynes openly discussed topics ranging from her battle with drug addiction to her controversial social media presence, as well as her successful four-year sobriety journey.

She is currently a student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles and has aspirations to continue her education and eventually make a comeback in the entertainment industry.

The interview with Paper Magazine featured numerous candid and surprising revelations about Bynes’ troubled past. Here are the major takeaways:

Bynes confirmed long-standing speculations about her struggles with substance abuse.

She began using marijuana at 16, and although she didn’t get addicted or abuse it at the time, her drug usage escalated over the years.

She also experimented with cocaine and ecstasy recreationally. However, her most significant addiction was to Adderall.

Bynes was introduced to Adderall while working on the 2007 film “Hairspray.”

She discovered an article in a magazine that referred to Adderall as “the new skinny pill,” prompting her to fake ADD symptoms to obtain a prescription. As time went on, her reliance on the drug increased.

Adderall usage negatively impacted Bynes’ ability to concentrate on her lines and memorize them during the filming of “Hall Pass.”

She also believes the drug exacerbated her insecurities about her physical appearance.

Bynes has struggled with body image issues throughout her career.

After watching herself in the 2010 film “Easy A,” she felt so unhappy with her appearance and performance that she was convinced she should stop acting altogether.

Bynes’ reaction to marijuana was unique, potentially inducing a psychosis that altered her perception of reality.

This caused her extreme dissatisfaction with her appearance while filming “Hall Pass” in 2010 and ultimately led to her departure from the project.

Bynes, who has now maintained her sobriety for four years, is focused on healing and wants others to learn from her past mistakes.

She offers advice to those grappling with substance abuse, emphasizing the importance of caution, as drugs can quickly take control of one’s life.

She also expressed remorse for her actions during her period of addiction, acknowledging that they were not representative of her true character.


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