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How Anne Hathaway steamed up scenes with Jake Gyllenhaal


How Anne Hathaway steamed up scenes with Jake Gyllenhaal


Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal starred in the critically acclaimed film “Brokeback Mountain” as a married couple.

The actress recently revealed some behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the making of the film.

Hathaway stated that she and Gyllenhaal worked hard to make their scenes as realistic as possible.

In a particular scene, Hathaway was required to take off her clothes and get into a car with Gyllenhaal.

In the scene, he touched her shoulder, stomach, and back, but he refrained from touching her breasts.

After the director called “cut,” the actors went behind a screen to change back into their clothes.

Gyllenhaal approached Hathaway and said, “Annie, the thing is, in real life I would touch your breasts, so can I?”

Hathaway was taken aback by the request but decided to be a good sport and told Gyllenhaal, “It’s okay, Jake. Yes, you can touch my breasts.”

The actress also revealed that she had to scold Gyllenhaal for making the kissing scenes in the film “a little too realistic.”

She didn’t elaborate on what she meant by this, but it’s clear that the two actors took their roles very seriously and put a lot of effort into making the film as believable as possible.

“Brokeback Mountain” was a groundbreaking film that tackled the taboo subject of same-sex love and relationships.

The film was widely praised for its powerful performances and thought-provoking storytelling.

Hathaway and Gyllenhaal’s on-screen chemistry was a big part of what made the film so successful.


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