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Katie Holmes strips and shares steamy kiss with co-star Luke Kirby

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Katie Holmes strips and shares steamy kiss with co-star Luke Kirby


Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby, the stars of the upcoming film Mania Days, were recently seen getting romantic on set in New York’s Lower East Side.

The pair were spotted kissing in a tree and Holmes stripped down to her blue bra for a scene.

They were also spotted splashing around in a fountain together.

Mania Days is a film about two people who suffer from manic depression and meet in a psychiatric hospital.

The movie explores their relationship and the effects of their illness on both the good and bad side.

Holmes and Kirby have been working together on the film for several months now, and their on-screen chemistry has been evident from the start.

Last month, they were seen kissing for the first time on set, and their relationship has apparently been heating up ever since.

In addition to the tree and fountain scenes, the pair has been seen getting cozy on set in a number of other locations as well.

They seem to have developed a strong bond during the filming process, and their scenes together are sure to be a highlight of the movie.

Mania Days is not the first time Holmes and Kirby have worked together.

They previously starred in the play Dead Accounts on Broadway, and their chemistry on stage was evident even then.

It’s clear that the two actors have a natural ability to connect with each other, and their performances in Mania Days are likely to be just as impressive.

Aside from her work on Mania Days, Holmes has been busy with a number of other projects as well.

She recently starred in the movie The Giver and will also be appearing in the upcoming films The Magic of Belle Isle and Days and Nights.

Kirby, on the other hand, has been focusing primarily on Mania Days, but he has also recently starred in the TV show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.


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