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‘Ronald Reagan raped me in my house’ – Actress


‘Ronald Reagan raped me in my house’ – Actress


The editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal and the Weekly Standard, two of the most influential publications on the right, are over themselves over the country’s lackadaisical attitude to Juanita Broaddrick’s allegations that Bill Clinton raped her two decades ago.

Executive Editor Fred Barnes writes in a lead editorial for the Weekly Standard, “The accused … is now the president of the United States. … Will he get away with what no other American could get away with–not having to answer the accusation directly?”

No other American? Hardly. Another American of great repute also ducked a much-publicized rape rap without addressing the accusation directly–and the press quickly abandoned the story.

Actress Selene Walters alleged in a 1991 interview with People Magazine that Ronald Reagan forced himself on her in the 1950s, stating, “I was fighting him. I didn’t want him to make love to me. He’s a very big man, and he just had his way.”

The assertion was first made public in Kitty Kelly’s book “Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography,” published in 1992.

Reagan met starlet Selene Walters in a Hollywood nightclub in the early 1950s, according to the book. “Although I was on a date,” she quotes Walters as saying, “Ronnie kept whispering in my ear, ‘I’d like to call you. How can I get in touch with you?’ ” Hoping that Reagan, then president of the Screen Actors Guild, could boost her career, Walters gave him her address and was surprised when he came calling at 3 A.M. “He pushed his way inside and said he just had to see me. He forced me on the couch. . . and said, ‘Let’s just get to know each other.’ It was the most pitched battle I’ve ever had, and suddenly in a matter of seconds I lost. . . . They call it date rape today. . . .”

The press mocked this and other parts from Nancy Reagan’s autobiography, such as the night the Reagans took pot with Jack Benny and George Burns, and Kelley’s claim that Frank Sinatra snubbed Nancy Reagan. However, Kelley’s sourcing for the purported Reagan rape isn’t any worse than the alleged Clinton rape sourcing.

People interviewed Walters firsthand since many of the statements in the book were met with skepticism. She largely agreed with Kelly’s narrative, with the exception of Reagan breaking down the door to gain access to her flat. She claimed she voluntarily let him in before he raped her.

Walters told the magazine, “I opened the door. Then it was the battle of the couch. I was fighting him. I didn’t want him to make love to me. He’s a very big man, and he just had his way. Date rape? No, God, no, that’s [Kelley’s] phrase. I didn’t have a chance to have a date with him.”

“I don’t think he meant to harm me,” Walters adds, noting that she has no animosity toward Reagan and has even voted for him.

Walters, like Broaddrick, chose not to press charges. Walters also shared contemporaneous descriptions of the incident with friends, according to Kelley.

When the New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times picked up the Walters story in April 1991, Ronald Reagan successfully stonewalled it. And keep in mind that this was three and a half years before he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. As he attended church the weekend the book was released, a reporter asked Reagan about it. “I don’t think a church would be the proper place to use the word I would have to use in discussing that,” he remarked.


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