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Charlize Theron slams Steven Seagal



Charlize Theron slams Steven Seagal


Charlize Theron has slammed fellow actor Steven Seagal, questioning his martial arts talents.

The Mad Max actress went on to say that she doesn’t mind criticizing Seagal because he’s “not very nice to women.”

The actress slammed the 68-year-old in an interview with Howard Stern on Monday.

The Monster actor talked about how she would come across YouTube videos of Steven practising Aikido – a Japanese martial art – and how she didn’t believe he was all that amazing.

‘At night I’ll go online to watch fighters or watch people fight and you always come across that odd Seagal video of him “fighting” in Japan, but he really isn’t.

‘He’s just incredibly overweight and pushing people.’

Theron added: “He’s shoving people by the face, it’s a whole setup.”

Stern asked her how she prepared for stunts in action movies throughout the interview.

The 44-year-old actress stated she trains for action films by studying ancient combat footage while promoting her latest action picture, The Old Guard.

In other parts of the chat, the Golden Globe winner addressed engagement rumors involving her previous relationship with Sean Penn.

In December 2013, Charlize began dating the A-list actor, but the relationship ended in June 2015.

When asked if Sean had ever proposed, Charlie clarified the position by saying: “What? That’s not true. No. I did not ‘almost get married to Sean’, that’s such bulls***.

“No, we dated, that was literally all we did, and we dated.”

Steven has been accused of sexual assault on several occasions, which he has denied, with actresses such as Jenny McCarthy, Portia de Rossi, and Julianna Margulies giving accounts of their own claimed encounters with him.

Katherine Heigl said in 2017 that the actor sexually harassed her when she was 16 years old.

On the penultimate day of filming for Under Siege 2, the Grey’s Anatomy actor recalls Steven saying to her, ‘You know Katie, I’ve got girlfriends your age.’

Katherine said she responded: ‘Isn’t that illegal?’ and claims Steven replied: ‘They don’t seem to mind.’

Regina Simons, an extra who featured in his 1994 film On Deadly Ground, accused him of rape in 2018. She told TheWrap that she was 18 years old at the time of the incident, which she claims occurred after Seagal invited her to a movie wrap party at his Beverly Hills home in 1993.

Around the same time, Dutch model Faviola Dadis took to Instagram to accuse Seagal of sexually abusing her during an audition in 2002.

The case was “declined” by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office in December 2018 because the statute of limitations for the alleged 2002 assault had expired.

In a statement to USA Today, Segal’s attorney, Anthony Falangetti, refuted the charges: “The allegations that have been made against Mr. Seagal are false and have no substantive material support. The accounts of both women are completely fictitious and totally made up. The allegations are a disservice to women who are victimized because of real predators in the film industry.”


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