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Marilyn Monroe’s Poor Hygiene

Marilyn Monroe’s nude photos are going on tour (Picture: Limited Runs)


Marilyn Monroe’s Poor Hygiene


Marilyn Monroe was one of the most endearing and impressive big figures in the history of American popular culture. Nonetheless, her personal life was not that great.

Her hygiene was allegedly so bad that a handful of her staff quit working for her.

Monroe allegedly would often arrive at her house in soiled clothes and had massive piles of unclean dishes in her room. And when she was satisfied, she would scrape her surplus food beneath her bedsheets, rest on it, and leave it for her staff to clean up.

She even had people refuse to date her, including Clark Gable, because of her cleanliness. Monroe, according to his biographer David Bret, was: “pompous, grimy, and ate in bed. Like Jean Harlow, she faded all her pubic hair and never wore undies. She experienced what today would be depicted as irritable bowel syndrome. She once in a while washed, dozed naked, and ate a great deal in bed pushing what was left on her plate under the sheets before resting.”




Marilyn Monroe’s Sex Secrets leaked by Joe Di Maggio’s Foot Doctor

9 May 2017


Before his death in 1999, baseball star Joe DiMaggio revealed intimate information about his marriage to Marilyn Monroe to one man. The New York Yankees player allegedly told his foot doctor about his sex life with the renowned actress.

Rock Positano, a podiatrist, has revealed his discussions with the shy sportsman, in which he raved about his electrifying sex life with Monroe.

Positano claims DiMaggio told him: “When we got together in the bedroom it was like the gods were fighting; there were thunder clouds and lightning. Doc, Marilyn told me that no man ever satisfied her like I did.”

There has long been suspicion that DiMaggio and Monroe parted ways because he was physically abusive to her and was humiliated by her beautiful “skirt” scene in “The Seven Year Itch.” But, according to Positano, the separation was prompted by his desire to have children — and Monroe’s inability to have them.

“Marilyn was hurt by the woman thing…her inability to have children,” he explained.

Dr Positano further stated that her ‘personal hygiene’ was another ‘big issue.’

DiMaggio “complained that she wouldn’t take a bath for days, probably because of her bouts of depression.”

DiMaggio already had one son, Joe Jr., from his first marriage to Dorothy Arnold, a minor movie actress. After five years together, the couple split in 1944 because DiMaggio accused Arnold of having an affair with a Wall Street financier.

“Though he cried for Marilyn, he was equally devastated over his failed first marriage,” said Positano.

Monroe later married playwright Arthur Miller.

DiMaggio also discussed his ex-wife Marilyn’s relationship with author Arthur Miller. “[She] told Frank Sinatra that she always thought of me when she made love with Miller,” DiMaggio apparently mused. “And kept a picture of me hidden in one of her closets. That drove Miller crazy and right to the divorce court.”

DiMaggio, who died of lung disease in 1999 at the age of 84, never married again, although he did develop a fancy on Elle Macpherson after meeting her on an Upper East Side street. He’d invite Positano to accompany him on walks around the area, slowing down as they got closer to the supermodel’s building on East 68th Street.

“Do you think Ellie will be coming down anytime soon?” he’d always ask Positano, who was also the Australian beauty’s doctor.

The doctor says, “Joe told me outright that he’d tell me these stories so ‘maybe they’ll be of good use on day,’ which means to me that Joe knew someday I’d respect his wishes and write a respectable memoir on him. The purpose of writing this book was to bring him to life again, as many kids today don’t even know his name.”


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