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Selena Gomez deletes her most-liked Instagram photo After plastic surgery Accusations

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Selena Gomez deletes her most-liked Instagram photo After plastic surgery Accusations


Selena Gomez always receives a lot of attention when she makes a post, and sometimes even when she deletes one. This is especially true when it’s her most-liked photo, which she erased without explanation on Thursday.

Not only does she have the most followed account on the social networking site, but she also has the 13th most liked photo…or used to. That photo abruptly vanished off her grid on Thursday evening.

Her social media conduct is quite erratic. She stated that she does not know her own Instagram password, that she requires someone to login for her, and that she has no applications on her phone.

In an interview with Elle, the singer stated

“I’m not on the internet,” she said. “I haven’t been on the internet in months. I have no apps on my phone, no photo editing apps. I have Peak, a brain game.”

“I know my voice is very prominent, but I’m not careless with it. I’m selective. As far as my personal life, someone sees me having a glass of wine? I could give two shits. I’m not trying to hide. That’s my life. I’m living it the way I want to live it. But it’s about making a conscious effort…”

When Selena wants to update her Instagram, she posts on the phone of a buddy who has access to the account.

According to Business Insider, the singer tweeted a slideshow of two photographs on September 9. The photos immediately accumulated 10 million likes, breaking the 26-year-previous old’s record of 10.6 million, which she earned on the photo after her kidney transplant last year.

Gomez is seen clutching a cocktail drink while wearing a skin-tight strapless black dress. Her hair is tied back into a high ponytail, and she has a cat-eye as she stares squarely at the camera. Gomez is sipping her drink in the other snap. It’s no surprise that the snapshot piqued her fans’ interest before she inexplicably erased it.

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Of course, as interesting as that is, this is Selena’s account, and she is free to do anything she wants with it. In August, she amended an Instagram post to clarify her feelings on sharing bits and pieces of her personal life with social media fans.

“UPDATE: I had something I’ve thought about for a while that I want to share. This page is my highlights and a few low lights. I post what I am willing to share with you guys,” she stated in the caption of a photo album consisting of candids of her having fun with her pals. ““I hear people say all the time that they wish they had someone else’s life based on a few pictures.. we all do it. But this is me sharing some happy moments with you guys. Trust me, my life isn’t always this filtered and flowery… We are all on our own journey. 🌻.” Wise remarks, particularly from Instagram’s most-followed celebrity.

Perhaps her friend is to fault for the photo’s removal? Perhaps Sel was just tired of the photo and didn’t like how it appeared on her grid. If you ask me, the whole thing is very creepy.

We don’t know why she just deleted her Instagram, but some fans assume it was due to rumors that Gomez had breast augmentation. “I’m not sure why she deleted it but I know there was a lot of comments under it about her boobs being fake and she got a boob job done but idk🤷🏽♀️😩,” one fan said in response to a fan account’s reposting of Gomez’s Instagram. “Most likely the comments about her possibly having a boob job,” another commented.

Other fans are defending Gomez, claiming that the cleavage post garnered so much backlash that she felt compelled to erase it. There has been no official comment from Gomez as to why she removed her post.


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