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Piers Morgan says ITV wants him back despite Meghan Markle comments



Piers Morgan says ITV wants him back despite Meghan Markle comments


“GOOD MORNING BRITAIN” has asked Piers Morgan back to the programme after he left due to reaction over his criticism of Meghan Markle.

During a discussion on Meghan Markle and her bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, the 56-year-old walked out the morning program.

The offer comes after the ITV show’s ratings have plummeted following Morgan’s departure.

“They reached out — there have been approaches. Never say never,” Piers revealed, according to The Sun.

The show has apparently encountered a ratings dip in the months after the outspoken editor-at-large abruptly quit the program — and in Morgan’s first print interview since his departure, he boasted haughtily about his ability to recapture those who had changed the channel.



“I have no doubt I could take the ratings back to where I left them — but the doubt is, would anyone be allowed to do it that way again?” Morgan said. “I was hired to give very strong, honestly held opinions, which I did. But in the end I was asked to apologize for a genuinely held opinion.”

“I have had some quite random third-party feelers put out to see if I would consider a return to the show,” Piers said.

“I don’t want to say on the record who, but a pretty close third-party


“As the Americans say, they reached out – there have been approaches to test the water in the wake of their obvious ratings issues.


“It makes me sad to see all the hard work we did to beat the BBC in viewing numbers evaporate so fast. It’s their problem to work out . . . but never say never,” the outspoken star remarked.

“As the Americans say, they reached out — there have been approaches to test the water in the wake of their obvious ratings issues,” the British commentator added.


Morgan slammed Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for making racist comments about the royal family in their candid interview with Oprah Winfrey.


After being called out for his consistently poor attitude of the Duchess of Sussex, he left “Good Morning Britain” mid-telecast before it was confirmed that he would not return to the daytime program.

At the time, Sharon Osbourne supported the television personality online, and she later left “The Talk” after being chastised for allowing his comments, which many think were racist.

His failure to apologize to Markle was a significant factor in his departure. He is sticking to his guns and has yet to apologize to the Duchess of Sussex.

In fact, he feels Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, should have their royal titles revoked for “trashing the institution and causing a lot of damage.”

“I think they should be stripped of their titles because they’re trashing the institution and causing a lot of damage in the Commonwealth where a lot of the countries are believing this racism crap,” he insisted. “They’ve become the world’s biggest victims in the middle of a pandemic. It’s pathetic. Harry needs to grow up.”

Piers’ remarks regarding Meghan Markle prompted an outpouring of complaints to Ofcom.

Piers appeared to throw doubt on Meghan’s allegations in a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey that she had been suicidal while working as a senior member of the Royal Family.

When the number of complaints surpassed 57,000, Piers rushed to Twitter and commented, “Only 57,000? I’ve had more people than that come up & congratulate me in the street for what I said.

“The vast majority of Britons are right behind me,” he continued.

Morgan now claims that ITV officials came crawling back in a deliberate effort to get Morgan back on the popular breakfast-time show.

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