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Royal perks Princess Diana retained after Divorce


Royal perks Princess Diana retained after Divorce


Princess Diana’s wedding was one of the most well-publicized events in British royal history. People were overjoyed by the ceremony and bestowed blessings on the two in their own unique ways. Still, little did anybody realize at the moment, the almost flawless royal marriage would come to an end after more than a decade, and the royal couple would part ways. Needless to mention, what seemed to be a fairytale story at first, ended in the most heartbreaking of ways. Prince Charles remained the successor to the throne after the couple’s formal divorce in 1996. Although Princess Diana had to give up some of her royal perks, she was able to retain others.

After her divorce, Princess Diana was permitted to retain the following seven things.

Her title

Following her divorce from Prince Charles, he insisted that she be stripped of her ‘Her Royal Highness’ (HRH) title, but it was ultimately agreed that, although she would no longer be known as HRH, she would continue to be known as Diana, Princess of Wales.

Her residence in Kensington Palace.

Princess Diana was allowed to retain a portion of Kensington Palace, known as Apartment 8 and 9, which was a massive three-story house, with a whole floor dedicated to her sons’ nursery.

A huge sum of money

Princess Diana allegedly received a staggering $22 million and a further $600,000 per year as part of her divorce deal, according to the Palace officials.

A place to work

Princess Diana was given her own office room at Kensington Palace after being forced to clean out her desk at St. James’s Palace, which would have been next to her ex- husband’s.

The private jets

Diana, like other members of the royal family, had access to the private royal jets well after the divorce.

Her engagement ring

Princess Diana kept all of the jewelry she received at her wedding, including her engagement ring, with the exception of the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara that Queen Elizabeth offered her as a wedding gift.

The custody of her sons

Aside from her material possessions, Princess Diana valued having shared custody of her two sons, William and Harry. Despite the fact that they spent much of their time at boarding schools, she made sure they had quality time together while they were available.

How Princess Diana defied royal etiquette in her style

Princess Diana, who would have turned 59 in 2020, was a humanitarian and philanthropist. Princess Di was anything but predictable, from going out in public in a “revenge dress” after Prince Charles cheated on her to publicly admitting to bulimia.

Princess Diana is regarded as so much more than a part of the British Royal Family twenty-three years since her passing. From philanthropist and humanitarian to loving mother and style icon, the late Princess was always in the public eye, defying tradition and speaking her mind. Be it refusing to say in her wedding vows that she would ‘obey’ Prince Charles or wearing outfits that showed off her shoulders, the icon ruffled a few feathers and was a feminist even before the term was overused and loathed.  Princess Diana, also known as the People’s Princess, had a diverse sartorial sense, ranging from sophisticated and muted ensembles to vibrant and provocative ones.

Many celebrities’ red carpet looks have been inspired by the royal’s evening wear and the exquisite royal jewelry she accessorized her ensembles with. And, of course, there’s Princess Di’s Revenge Dress.

The Princess wore a black ruched dress with a plunging neckline to the Serpentine Gallery for an event shortly after a contentious documentary in which Prince Charles confessed to having an affair broadcast.

The princess’ style was modern, but she was still mindful of where she was going, wearing formal skirts and blazers for her royal duties, and her trips to India and Pakistan in traditional kurta-salwars won her an automatic spot in the hearts of all desis.

Diana wore bike tights with sweatshirts and white trainers when doing errands and wore masculine tuxedos with aplomb even before Instagram influencers and ‘street-style fashion’ were a thing.

Diana was notorious for doing different things in her look, whether it was getting the longest train on her wedding gown or wearing her mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth’s diamond necklace as a headpiece.

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1 Comment

  1. Barbara Deblasi

    May 11, 2021 at 8:11 pm

    I thought she was one of the most beautiful women I ever saw. I read how much she loved her two boys, and how careing she was. There should be more people like that.

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