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Meghan and Harry ‘leaking stories to stay relevant’ to sign multi million-dollar deals

January 20th 2020 – Buckingham Palace has announced that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan will no longer use “royal highness” titles and will not receive public money for their royal duties. Additionally, as part of the terms of surrendering their royal responsibilities, Harry and Meghan will repay the $3.1 million cost of taxpayers’ money that was spent renovating Frogmore Cottage – their home near Windsor Castle. – January 9th 2020 – Prince Harry The Duke of Sussex and Duchess Meghan of Sussex intend to step back their duties and responsibilities as senior members of the British Royal Family. – File Photo by: zz/KGC-375/STAR MAX/IPx 2018 7/5/18 Prince Harry The Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle The Duchess of Sussex attend the Your Commonwealth Youth Challenge reception at Marlborough House. (London, England, UK)


Meghan and Harry ‘leaking stories to stay relevant’ to sign multi million-dollar deals


The Sussexes are suspected of “leaking” news to the press in order to “stay relevant,” according to The Sun. And this has reportedly put a halt to any discussions between the Sussexes and the British royal family.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex must remain relevant to sign multi-million dollar contracts.

Royal Editor Russell Myers explained that it’s “strange” that the pair walked away from their responsibilities to pursue more private lifestyles, except that they’re always talked about.

“For a couple that left for privacy, there is an extraordinary amount of stories surrounding their lives that do get leaked out,” Mr Myers told talkRADIO.

“These find their way into the British press.

“We understand that they’ve got a few friendly journalists that they deal with.

“They’ve cut out some of the press that they said they weren’t happy with their coverage.

“It’s a very Hollywood way of doing things and that has been an issue for both Harry and Meghan.

“Getting the friendly press to just write about how amazing you are all the time doesn’t really work.

“It’s a strange one because while they say they moved away for privacy, didn’t want to have anything to do with the British press.

“People are still talking about and my guess is they still want to be talked about because whilst signing big money deals, they’ve got to stay relevant.”

Following his tell-all interview with Oprah, Prince William allegedly reached out to Harry, but the talks were “not productive,” according to CBS anchor Gayle King. The Duke of Sussex said his brother and father were “trapped” within the monarchy during the explosive interview.

William is said to be willing to give his brother one more shot. “William thinks Harry chose fame over family,” Christina Garibaldi of Us Weekly said. “William feels that Harry has gotten too big for his boots since moving to California — that success and Hollywood have gone to his head,” a source tells Us Weekly. “He’s already accused him of putting fame over family after the big interview but is willing to give Harry one last chance to prove his loyalty to his family.”

Talks between Prince Harry and senior royals break down amid leaks

According to Page Six, talks between Prince Harry and senior members of the royal family have failed owing to ongoing leaks “from the Sussex side.”

Following Prince Philip’s funeral, talks between the two sides came to a halt.

The Sun confirmed that no “meaningful conversations” had taken place, with aides being more worried about private information that has emerged in recent news reports about the famously private family.

The aides cited stories written after Harry’s return to California, including a People magazine report regarding a private phone call between Meghan Markle, her and Harry’s 1-year-old son, Archie, and Queen Elizabeth prior to Philip’s funeral.

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