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Victoria Beckham ‘mortified’ and ‘hurt’ after Meghan accused her of leaking stories


Victoria Beckham ‘mortified’ and ‘hurt’ after Meghan accused her of leaking stories


Meghan Markle and Victoria Beckham had a shocking “fall-out” about suspicions of leaked news.

Meghan Markle allegedly accused Victoria Beckham of revealing news concerning her and Prince Harry to the public, leaving the latter “mortified” and “hurt.” Victoria, 45, is said to have had a falling out with Meghan, whom she used to be friends with.

The Sun on Sunday exclusively revealed how the Duke of Sussex, 35, confided in ex-pro footballer David Beckham, 44, that his 38-year-old wife was concerned the mother-of-four was behind a report in The Sun in December 2017.

Although the specifics of the situation are still unknown, a source reported that the former Spice Girl was concerned with her name being tarnished as a result of reports that she was behind leaks involving Harry and Meghan.

“Vic was mortified when it happened,” the report stated. “She and David were both shocked and hurt—so it was hard for her to relive the same feelings after details resurfaced of the alleged leak amid the furor around Harry and Meghan stepping back from the royal family.”

“Vic’s now panicking that this could destroy her reputation,” the source added. “She’s been very careful who she keeps close to her in the past for reasons of trust and loyalty. It’s heartbreaking for her to be accused and for everyone else to know about it .”

According to sources, Meghan, 35, expressed her concerns to Harry, 35, who then called his long-time friend David to question him regarding his wife.

David is reported to have wasted no time in correcting Harry during a ‘awkward’ call.

“Inexplicably, [Meghan] feared Victoria was behind [the leak] – I mean, the idea that Victoria Beckham would be personally ringing journalists to give them a scoop is ridiculous — and spoke to Harry about it,” a source told The Sun.

“David was mortified. He quickly put Harry right, and the two men agreed to move on – but it certainly made things awkward for a while. It later turned out the leak probably came from a beauty salon .”

Victoria had recommended facialists, hairdressers, and stylists to the future royal before she moved to the UK.

“Victoria and Meghan hit it off from the start, and as two high-profile women in showbusiness, were in regular contact at the start of Meg’s relationship with Harry,” a source told the Sun on Sunday.

“When Meghan moved to London, Victoria shared a whole bunch of beauty tips but not long after, some of these emerged in print and Meghan was furious.

The news came amid reports that Meghan had started a spat between Harry and David Beckham, who have known each other for years and collaborated on several charitable activities, over the same allegations.


Things are reported to have returned to normal after a few months, and although the Beckhams were invited to Harry and Meghan’s wedding in May 2018, they were not invited to the evening reception.

And now, according to recent reports, Victoria’s relationship with Meghan deteriorated after the designer declined to let the former royal wear her gowns for free.

“Victoria has had more than enough involvement with Meghan – first she was love bombed by her, via Harry, wanting to visit the store, and always looking for tips on London, and hanging out in the Cotswolds as they are neighbours there,” the source told heat magazine.

“Then things took a funny turn. Meghan made overtures about wearing Victoria’s clothes, but she doesn’t give them out for free. She is happy to give a discreet discount to anyone that she knows personally but she doesn’t give them out – that’s her policy.

“That’s when Meghan turned on her, accusing her of selling stories on her – with the really awkward call between Harry and David.”

The two couples’ relationship is reported to have healed, and Meghan was seen wearing many Victoria Beckham dresses after previously claiming they didn’t fit her body.

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