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Royal aides want Harry and Meghan to give up their titles after ‘disgraceful’ attack on Queen, Charles and Philip


Royal aides want Harry and Meghan to give up their titles after ‘disgraceful’ attack on Queen, Charles and Philip


Following Prince Harry’s recent ‘disgraceful’ attack on the Royal Family, Palace aides have called for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to relinquish their titles.

It came after the Duke of Sussex implied that his father had failed him after claiming that he moved Archie and Meghan to the United States to “break the cycle” of “genetic pain” from his own childhood.

In an explosive interview this week, Prince Harry slammed his upbringing, describing it as “a mixture between The Truman Show and being in a zoo”

The royal household is angry about Harry’s recent spray aimed at Prince Charles, the Queen, and the late Prince Philip, according to an aide who spoke to The Mail on Sunday, and is insisting the pair turn over their Duke and Duchess titles.

One aide told the publication, “People are appalled that he could do this to the Queen when the Duke of Edinburgh is barely in his grave.”

“To drag his grandfather into this is so shocking and disrespectful.”

Royal insiders, according to the royal staffer, were sick of hearing the pair criticize the institution and the “pain” it had caused them.

They said, “There is a growing feeling that if you dislike the institution that much, you shouldn’t have the titles.”

‘They should put the titles into abeyance, so they still exist, but are not used, like they agreed to do with their HRHs,’ another source added, revealing the toxicity that now remains between the Sussexes and the broader Royal Family.

‘They should just become Harry and Meghan. And if they refuse to do that, they have to explain why not.’

Although it is known that there are no official plans to strip the pair of their titles, the pressure to do so shows how strong the feeling of betrayal has been in the Palace.

Since their dramatic Megxit in January 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially left their royal roles earlier this year, but they still hold the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Harry and Meghan don’t use their HRH titles anymore, but they keep them.

In the United States, where the duo have signed blockbuster deals with streaming companies Spotify and Netflix, their titles are “their biggest selling point,” according to a Hollywood producer.

On the Armchair Expert Podcast, Harry took aim at his father, Prince Charles, saying he needed to “break the cycle” of “suffering” for his own children.

“When it comes to parenting, if I’ve experienced some form of pain or suffering because of the pain or suffering that perhaps my father or my parents had suffered, I’m going to make sure I break that cycle so that I don’t pass it on,” he told host and actor Dax Shepard.

Following Megxit and the couple’s scathing Oprah Winfrey interview, pressure grew on the Queen to deprive them of their titles, but she has so far declined.

The Sussexes have often piqued critics’ interest by continuing to use them in their commercial endeavors, most recently in Meghan’s children’s book The Bench, which features the words “by Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex” on the front cover.

According to the Mail, Harry’s interview is expected to raise tensions ahead of his next visit to the UK in July, when he will be the unveiling of a statue of his late mother Diana.

Harry’s ‘woeful lack of compassion’ in an expletive-filled 90-minute chat with actor and podcaster Dax Shepard last week perplexed senior Royals.

The fact that he spoke out just a month after his grandfather’s funeral has enraged everyone.

Another royal source told the Daily Telegraph that during the interview, Harry had “thrown others under the bus.”

After his grandfather Philip’s funeral procession, the Duke was seen speaking with William and Charles, raising hopes that the family’s schism could be resolved.

Despite a “genuine desire” to repair their relationship, royal sources told the Mail on Sunday that it was “impossible to rebuild something while someone keeps chopping it down.”

There is rumored to be anger in the palace at the couple’s decision to speak publicly.

Earlier this week, a royal source told The Times: ““Nobody is shocked any more. It is more: ‘Here we go again.’ But he should be told that these grievances should be aired in the privacy of your own home.

“Don’t do it publicly in a podcast. Get on with your life.”

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