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Prince Harry launches Hollywood career with Oprah collaboration


Prince Harry launches Hollywood career with Oprah collaboration


The Duke of Sussex is kicking off his new career as a Hollywood producer with a television series with Oprah Winfrey aimed at eradicating the stigma surrounding mental health.

“The Me You Can’t See,” which premiered on Apple TV+ on Friday, features Harry and Winfrey discussing their personal experiences of depression and anxiety.

The show emphasizes the importance of mental health and what it’s like to suffer from it. The Me You Can’t See shares the stories of ordinary people as well as celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Glenn Close, and Prince Harry.

Oprah asks Prince Harry about how meeting his partner, Meghan Markle, made him realise he hadn’t processed a lot of his previous events in one of the series’ exchanges.

“I quickly established that if this relationship was going to work, that I was going to have to deal with my past because there was anger there — and it wasn’t anger at her, it was just anger,” Harry explained to Oprah. “And she recognized it. She saw it.”

“It was a case of: You need to go back to the past, go back to the point of trauma, deal with it, process it, and then move forward.” he said.

When Prince Harry first offered to be a part of her latest initiative to get people talking about mental health, legendary interviewer Oprah Winfrey was taken aback.

But, as she told co-host Gayle King on “CBS This Morning” she knew it was something the former senior royal was excited about from the outset.

“From the first moment I had a conversation with Prince Harry about, what were his two most important issues facing the world, and he said, ‘Climate change and mental health,'” she said. According to Winfrey. “And I started to tell him about this series I was doing with Apple TV+.”

“If you ever need any help with that series, let me know.” Harry replied, she remembered.

“What did I think when he volunteered? My first initial thought was, oh, yeah. This is like, ‘Let’s have lunch sometime,'” Winfrey said.

The outcome of their meeting and corresponding labor will be released on Apple’s streaming service on Friday.

Actress Glenn Close, Lady Gaga, who remembers being assaulted during her early years in the music industry, boxer Virginia Fuchs, Syrian refugee children, and people suffering from schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), depression, and addiction are among those taking part.

“It wouldn’t have been fair of us to ask people to put themselves out there, to be vulnerable, to share their story if we weren’t willing to do the same,” Harry said ahead of the series’ premiere in an interview with Reuters.

In the show, Harry, formally known as the Duke of Sussex, is seen attending EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy to treat residual trauma arising from his frustration at the media and the death of his mother, Princess Diana, when he was 12 years old.

He discusses how Diana’s death in 1997 affected his decision to leave the spotlight of the royal family.

Harry said he was told by his father, Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, that he would have to get used to media coverage and being a member of the institution.

“That doesn’t make sense. Just because you suffered, it doesn’t mean that your kids have to suffer. In fact, quite the opposite. If you suffered, do everything you can to make sure that any negative experiences you had, you can make it right for your kids,” he says

He asks, “Isn’t this all about breaking the cycle?”

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