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Gayle King says “Stop Blaming Meghan” for Harry quitting Royal Family


Gayle King says “Stop Blaming Meghan” for Harry quitting Royal Family


Gayle King, Anthony Mason, and Vladimir Duthiers discussed Prince Harry’s most recent explosive remarks. People should stop blaming Meghan Markle for the Duke of Sussex’s decision to leave the Royal Family, Ms King said, because it was obvious he considered leaving the throne in his early 20s.

Mr. Duthiers explained: “I found it so interesting that Prince Harry went on the podcast which celebrates the messiness of life.

“And that he would be so frank, is the word I would use.”

Mr Mason responded, “He said it is a lot of genetic pain and suffering that gets passed on and that his father treated him the way he is was treated.

“Considering he was just home visiting with his family, I find it very interesting that he decided to put all of this on the table.”

“And he thought about doing all of this when he was in his 20s, leaving the Royal Family.” Mr Duthiers said.

Ms. King said, “Because of what he said happened to his mother.

“Many people have tried to say that Harry is talking this way and feeling this way because of being married to Meghan Markle.

“He made it clear in that podcast that he has been thinking this way since his early 20s.”


On RTE Radio 1’s Brendan O’Connor morning show this morning, former BBC Royal Correspondent Jennie Bond described the revelations as “full of vitriol”

“After the funeral, it really did look as if [Prince Harry and Prince William] were having quite a relaxed, friendly and affectionate conversation, and we hoped that the bridges were being mended.

“It really is a strange forum for Harry to be on, because if you listen to the full podcast, it’s really quite undignified.”

“He says we must not apportion blame or point the finger, and then he does exactly that,” O’Connor and Bond said on the podcast, pointing out the irony in some of Prince Harry’s sentiments.

“You wonder if Harry is hearing himself, what he is saying.

“It certainly doesn’t display the empathy and the compassion, which he and his wife Meghan are always talking about.”

Royal journalist Camilla  has now found his timing “insensitive” since arguing that his and wife Meghan Markle’s obvious need for privacy had “inconsistencies”

Camilla said of the comments on This Morning on Friday: “I agree it’s intriguing and I think it’s good for very high-profile figures like Prince Harry to talk about their mental health problems. I think he’s been really, admirably candid about some of his issues.

“I think I would question the timing though. This idea that the Queen and Prince Philip have handed on this kind of genetic cycle on to Prince Charles, that has then come to him.

“And the suggestion he had to move to the US to effectively save his children, I think is a bit insensitive when you consider the Royals are only just coming to terms with their grief over the death of the Duke of Edinburgh.”

She went on to say: “Equally there is something inconsistent about a couple seeking to leave the UK to live a quieter life, and then going to America and making so much noise.

“Either they want to be low profile and below the radar or they don’t.

“It seems to me that every single thing they’ve done since they’ve moved there has been seeking the publicity they were supposed to have left the family to avoid.”

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