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Did Donald Sutherland have real s-x with Julie Christie on camera?


Did Donald Sutherland have real s-x with Julie Christie on camera?


There have been long-running suspicions that the intense on-screen se* between Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie in the 1973 movie “Don’t Look Now” was for real.

Sutherland, 82, is now attempting to dispel the rumour.

Speaking at the New York premiere of his new film “The Leisure Seeker”, Sutherland touched on the contentious incident that has been the subject of debate for years.

He said that executing the act would have been impossible since no take lasted more than 15 seconds before the action was interrupted so that he and Christie could reposition.

When questioned about the individuals who think he was truly making love to Christie, the actor, who was born in Canada, said, “They’re idiots.”

“There were two cameramen in there,” he said. “The takes were 15 seconds long, maximum. ‘ All right, Julie, hold your head, OK, turn your heard a little to the side, OK, Donald, all right Julie, (climax).'”

The sequence is one of his favorites since it “reminded you of making love,” the father of fellow actor Kiefer Sutherland said.

In a prior interview, Christie, 77, said that Nicolas Roeg had “managed to get the extraordinary thing that happens when you are making love,” confessing on a documentary that he had  “I loved the squirming bits and all those things you don’t see.”

The moment, which was dubbed “one of the frankest love scenes ever to be recorded,” caused a lot of controversy when the movie initially came out.

When “Don’t Look Now” initially broadcast on British television, the sequence was completely removed by the BBC.

Assisting with the film’s UK release, Michael Deeley revealed to the BBC in 2008 that Christie’s ex-boyfriend Warren Beatty had flown to London and insisted that the se* scene be cut.

Sutherland has defended the movie in the past, saying that a remake would be “a disgrace” back in 2015 while such speculations were rife.

He said, “Why do they do it?”

“It’s just people wanting profit, trying to profit off the back of [director] Nicolas Roeg, and something that’s very beautiful. ”

‘It’s shameful. They should be ashamed of themselves.’

Peter Bart allegedly stated in his book “Infamous Players,” according to The Hollywood Reporter, that Sutherland and Christie did engage in se*ual activity while filming the scene.

“It was clear to me they were no longer simply acting,” he wrote. “They were f—ing on camera.”

Bart’s assertion was immediately refuted by Sutherland.

He said that “Peter Bart mendaciously writes that he witnessed the shooting of the love scene in ‘Don’t Look Now’ and saw se*. Not true. None of it. Not the se*. Not him witnessing it. From beginning to end, there were four people in that room. [Director] Nic Roeg, [DP] Tony Richmond, Julie Christie and me. No one else. Wires under the locked door led outside, and this was 20 years before video monitors.”

Peter Katz, a producer, also spoke forward in response to Bart’s claim.

“While there was a se* scene captured on film, it was not a scene that would lead to the creation of a human being,” he stated.

A married couple (Sutherland and Christie) go to Venice after the loss of their little daughter in the sensual thriller “Don’t Look Now.” The contentious se* scene from the movie is still remembered today since it was deemed graphic at the time.

In “The Leisure Seeker,” which chronicles the story of a married couple who go on a road journey before his Alzheimer’s and her cancer catch up with them, Sutherland co-stars with Helen Mirren.

Like many people his age, Sutherland said that he worried about memory loss.

Shortly after arriving in New York, he took a flight the next day to London to resume shooting on “Trust,” a miniseries that Danny Boyle is directing and in which Sutherland portrays the businessman John Paul Getty.


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