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Kate Hudson barely survives wardrobe malfunction on stage at AMAs


Kate Hudson barely survives wardrobe malfunction on stage at AMAs


Kate Hudson wanted to make a strong first impression at Thursday night’s American Music Awards, so she wore a classic silver Versace minidress.

But while introducing the Black Eyed Peas alongside her “Nine” co-star Nicole Kidman, Hudson quickly learned the importance of double-stick tape.

When the actress knelt down on stage in her low-cut silver dress, there was almost a wardrobe mishap.

The actress was only half an inch away from being the most talked-about aspect of the AMAs when Kate neatly grabbed the dress and kept it in place while laughing off the event, as the photographs clearly demonstrate.

But once she was out of the spotlight and with her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez backstage at Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre, Hudson seemed considerably more at ease with her outfit.

When she cuddled up with her baseball boyfriend backstage, Hudson was “beaming, glowing actually” according to

The New York Yankees player, whom Hudson has been dating since May, introduced Jay-Z and Alicia Keys at the event.

Despite having a small chest, the mother-of-one has always been self-assured in her appearance and often wore exposing low-cut shirts and skirts.

When asked about getting a career after having children, Hudson replied in an interview with People magazine last year that she would think about it.

‘Probably after I have all my babies, I’ll be wondering. It will definitely be something I’ll go think about like every woman after they have babies,’ she stated.

‘And then I think, “You know what? I just like being small-chested, and it would feel really weird and bizarre if I was anything different.”‘

Hudson acknowledged that she was taken aback when her bre-sts were digitally enlarged for the posters of her 2008 film Fool’s Gold.

She said: ‘They are so not my b–bs – they look too perfect. Seriously, if I ever wanted to have them done, I’d take this poster to the doctor and say, “This is what I want them to look like.”

‘You can’t help what your genes are. My mom [Goldie Hawn] was way skinnier than I am. With the Hudson gene [her dad, Bill Hudson], I got a little more girth on me, but we’re a skinny family.’

Kidman, Hudson’s newest co-star, joined her on stage. She flaunted her trim figure in a flowy pink and grey Balenciaga mermaid gown.

The Australian actress was helping her husband, Favourite Country Male Artist winner Keith Urban, and doing some hosting.

‘I just love you so much baby. This is for you and Sunday,’ Urban remarked as he accepted his medal.

Jennifer Lopez could not escape any of the trips, slides, or fashion gaffes that occurred at Sunday night’s American Music Awards.

Lopez ended up a few bullet points down the list of AMA talking points as Lopez fell flat on the junk in her trunk and Adam Lambert decided to simulate oral s-x on stage


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